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ThinkingWall Whiteboard Desk

Posted on February 15, 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new whiteboard desk joining the ThinkingWall range. The ThinkingWall Desk features the same high quality drywipe surface as the other ThinkingWall core products. While providing a large working area it also creates the ability to write directly onto the desk top.

whiteboard desk

The whiteboard desk design is a mix of exposed end grain plywood, white gloss surfaces and steel. The clean and ultra-modern feel will sit well in a variety of offices and working environments. The desk surface measures 1500mm x 1500mm and offers a stable and substantial work area set at ideal standing height.

whiteboard desk

The whiteboard desk design encourages collaborative meetings and as a result moves people away from their individual space to engage in conversation.

Research has highlighted the negative effects of remaining seated throughout the working day. By providing a space where people can work away from their day to day stations the ThinkingWall Desk therefore promotes a variation in position and posture.

whiteboard desk

The whiteboard desk joins the original wall mounted ThinkingWall and the mobile Freestander in a growing range of visual thinking and creative planning products. These are modern interpretations of a traditional whiteboard and can be used either in conjunction or as stand-alone solution. Each shares a design aesthetic and quality befitting the most prestigious of work environments.

whiteboard desk

We design and manufacture all ThinkingWall products in the UK. We offer a full service from specification to installation.

Further details on the ThinkingWall Desk and the rest of the product range can be found here. In addition we always welcome the opportunity to discuss how these products may work in current or future projects.

Bespoke Magnetic Flower

Posted on January 25, 2017

We were recently asked by Leeds Trinity Students’ Union to create bespoke magnetic flower. The flower needed to freestanding with removable magnetic petals. Each petal has a drywipe surface finish to allow staff and students to place ideas and feedback onto the flower. The petals can be taken away and worked on ready to be returned and the information on them reviewed.

bespoke magnetic flower

The head bespoke magnetic flower was produced as a custom shaped whiteboard. It was printed with the flower design complete with petals. This was then mounted onto a long stem finished in green to create a typical flower shape. To make the flower stable and freestanding we used a weighted plant pot to keep in with the theme and provide enough ballast and support.

Bespoke magnetic flower


As everything we produce is made to order we are often asked about projects like the bespoke magnetic flower. We enjoy the challenge and can often bring ideas and solutions from past projects help resolve new ones.

Further details on any of our projects or to discuss potential new ones please contact us.

Visual Planning Boards

Posted on January 12, 2017

We recently completed a large installation of our ThinkingWall frameless whiteboard as part of an office refurbishment in Nottingham. These visual planning boards were placed around an open plan office to provide working space behind desks. The ThinkingWall system allows multiple panels to be joined almost seamlessly creating one large writing surface at the desired size.

Visual planning boards

In this case the visual planning boards were produced in a variety of different widths to suit particular wall spaces. We kept he height of all ThinkingWall whiteboards the same to give a consistent look across the space. The largest board is 15 metres wide while the others range from 3 to 5 metres wide.

Visual planning boards

The flexibilty of ThinkingWall means we can create visual planning boards designed to fit and work in a specific space. The wide almost seamless runs of panels provide space to work unencumbered by frames or standard off the shelf sizes. They allow people to work together in one space helping to promote collaboration and discussion.

Further details on ThinkingWall and our range of bespoke products can be found throughout the website. We welcome the oppurtunity to discuss potential projects and are always happy to offer thoughts, opinions and advice.

Portable Football Coaching Boards

Posted on December 7, 2016

We recently worked with Bristol Rovers to produce a set of bespoke football coaching boards. The boards were printed with design specified by the coaching staff so that it best suited their needs.

The custom boards are designed to be lightweight but durable so that they can be used on the pitch and during training sessions. They feature a protective edge lipping and are both drywipe and magnetic receptive.

football coaching boards

football coaching boards

The custom made football coaching boards are printed with a pitch layout and space to write notes and suggestions. Magnetic markers can be used to illustrate players and show formations and set pieces. Each board also has a blank white drywipe finish to the reverse, this can be used as an additional area for notes and demonstrating key points.

football coaching boards

football coaching boards

The football coaching boards are already in use at the youth academy and we have received some great feedback. These are one of the many products we produce as our custom and bespoke services. Further details of the types of boards can be found throughout our website.

ThinkingWall Bespoke Frameless Whiteboard

Posted on November 25, 2016

We continue to supply and install our ever popular Thinkingwall bespoke frameless whiteboard in a wide variety of locations and sizes. ThinkingWalls are all made to order and so can be specified at a size to suit a particular area or wall. The recent examples shown here were manufactured in a landscape format and designed to stretch across the width of the room.

bespoke frameless whiteboard

A modular system, the Thinkingwall bespoke frameless whiteboard allows multiple panels to be joined to create a single writing surface. As a result an almost seamless whiteboard can be created at the chosen size. Each panel is joined with a very fine seam allowing users to write and work uninterrupted across the joins. This means users can therefore treat the ThinkingWall as a single whole wall whiteboard.

bespoke frameless whiteboard

The mounting system and shadow gap gives the Thinkingwall bespoke frameless whiteboard a flotaing effect. While the frameless finish creates a clean, simple, minimal look  which suits a wide range of spaces. ThinkingWall is installed by our team of experienced fitters and installers. We are always happy to advise on how best to use the space available. Helping to achieve the most effective and therefore most useful writing space possible.

Whiteboard wall on wheels

Posted on October 12, 2016

Following the successful installation of a similar product we manufactured and installed this whiteboard wall on wheels.We have worked with this client on a number of occasions and were tasked with developing another product for their new offices. Due to building restrictions permanent fixtures were not possible so a mobile solution was required.

whiteboard wall on wheels

The whiteboard wall on wheels is designed to be placed between pillars separating the open plan office into two spaces. Assembled in modules the wall is custom made to fit the gap whilst the whiteboard face extends out onto the pillars. This creates a single writing space without the need for permanent fixings into the structure of the building. By placing the whiteboard wall on wheels it allows for future re-positioning if and when required.

whiteboard wall on wheels

whiteboard wall on wheels

Like the vast majority of our projects we custom built this to suit the requirements of our client. Our frameless whiteboard panels fit closely together creating a single work surface and are both magnetic receptive and drywipe. A modular construction allows for the wall to be assembled at a size suited for this particular space.

The design is ideal for open plan offices where wall space is limited. Flexible working areas or more private meeting spaces can be created and can be moved when required.

We are always happy to discuss past or potential future projects in more depth. Details on how to get in touch can be found on our contacts page.

Bespoke Personalised Whiteboard

Posted on October 10, 2016

We received a request to produce a bespoke personalised whiteboard printed with an illustration created by our client. All of our custom whiteboards are made to order so we enjoy being able to accommodate requests for one-off or unique items.

Bespoke Personalised Whiteboard

We produce a wide range of custom printed whiteboards and always enjoy being able to hear a little of the story behind them. That was the case with this bespoke personalised whiteboard which was chosen as a gift to signify an important moment for our client. We asked for some information on the inspiration which can be found below:

The Inspiration for my Board Design:

I was really eager to get into grammar school. One thing that pressed my hope was the fact that my mother had promised me a gift – if I were to be admitted. I chose this gift as a board, to remind me of this achievement. Not long later, in mid-April, my mind was set on the design – a time-machine.

The idea came to me as I believed that one of the greatest of all man’s successes, through time to come, could be to make the first of the legendary devices that enable the user to travel (physically and flawlessly) between past and future. The inventor and people of the time, in my eyes, would face a replica of emotions I had experienced – on learning that I had been accepted into the school.

This is why I spent much time and effort trying to capture the scientist, or whoever else’s, moment – having a knowledge that their little creation is almost at the end of its long, tense journey – through all the ups and downs – anticipating this very instance in time.

Daniel Grayshon

Magnetic London Map

Posted on July 23, 2016

As part of our custom print service we produce a wide range of drywipe maps. This magnetic London map is our most recent example. As with all our custom whiteboards the magnetic maps are made to order at requested sizes and feature a choice of mapping styles and scales.

We have a range of maps available from a full country view to street level detail of a particular area or district. We can advise on the most appropriate scale to use that will work with the level of details required and the size of the board requested.

magnetic london map

The magnetic london map was manufactured using the same processes as our custom printed whiteboards. It is both drywipe and magnetic receptive and we continue the print round onto the edges to give a clean modern frameless finish. We supply the boards with concealed rails for wall mounting to further enhance the frameless look.

magnetic london map

magnetic london map

The magnetic London map uses 1:10,000 scale mapping data so individual roads and streets can be seen. This makes the map ideal for planning deliveries and sales routes or highlighting local projects and landmarks.

We are always happy to discuss potential projects and for further examples of custom printed whiteboards please explore the projects section of our website.

Mobile Whiteboard Wall

Posted on June 15, 2016

We recently produced a mobile whiteboard wall for a client based in Liverpool. The wall is designed for use in a open plan office where wall space is at a premium. The sturdy wheels and recessed handle mean it can be moved and re-positioned as required to create smaller working areas or simply used as a functional, contemporary room divider.

mobile whiteboard wall

The mobile whiteboard wall is a development of our freestanding whiteboard partition wall. It’s modular construction means the wall can be customised to suit a particular space by adding further modules to create longer walls. The frameless finish means the whiteboard panels can fitted closely together allowing the full face of each side to be used as a single writing surface. It can be further customised by changing the colour of the end panels to match the corporate identity or by adding custom printing branding.

mobile whiteboard wall

mobile whiteboard wall

The faces on each side mobile whiteboard wall are both magnetic receptive and drywipe which means meetings and planning sessions can take place on both side simultaneously. The wall is fitted with internal ballast so that it remains stable in use and the lockable castors allowed it to be secured in the chosen location.

For further details please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss this and other projects in more detail.

Custom Magnetic Map Board

Posted on June 5, 2016

We recently produced a custom magnetic map board for London Borough of Hounslow. The map was designed for use in highlighting current projects and work in progress. It was centered on that particular borough and shows street level detail to accurately plot locations.

Also added to the map were the local authority and postcode boundaries which enables users to quickly see which streets belong in a particular postcode or borough.

custom magnetic map board

The custom magnetic map board is both drywipe and magnetic receptive so notes can be written directly onto the surface or onto magnetic tiles which can be placed in important areas. This allows users to easily plan routes drawing paths onto the board or add details and information about where and when particular projects are taking place.

custom-magnetic-map-board2-224x298 custom-magnetic-map-board3-224x298

As with all of our custom printed whiteboards the magnetic map board was made to order with a design specified by the client. We have a range of maps available at various sizes and scales so the most suitable can be picked for a particular project or purpose. These range from street view levels of detail (as seen in this map) to county views and UK wide mapping. We can also include additional layers like postcode, CCG and local authority boundaries.

For further details please contact us and we would be happy to discuss projects in more depth.

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