Artwork requirements

Print-ready artwork requirements

We are happy to work from artwork supplied, but it needs to conform to the following:

  • PDF at 100% scale (the size of your whiteboard)
  • All fonts converted to outlines
  • 25mm bleed
  • Minimum 150dpi
  • No printers marks (please supply low res version with printers marks if the positioning of the artwork in relation to the panel is not self-evident)

Custom printed magnetic leaderboard artwork

Size: 2000mm (h) x 500mm (w)

Visible Area: 1645mm (h) x 500mm (w)

Artwork should fill the full height of the leaderboard however any critical logos, graphics or images should be placed above the area covered by the base.

30mm bleed is required on all edges and any text should be set in from the edges by 20mm

Tips for whiteboard artwork

  • If you are unsure how to go about fulfilling any of the requirements above, please talk to us first so we can save you wasting any time
  • If you are not a designer and are hoping to do the artwork yourself to save on cost, please talk to us first! Whilst we can often work from artwork produced in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, this very much depends on how critical the dimensions and proportions are, and how you treat any text.
  • If your artwork is a table, allow a decent margin from the outer border to the edge of the panel, especially if it’s a very big panel – we need a tiny bit of margin for error, and it won’t look good with a line right on the edge that is even 1mm out. It is often better to leave a 5-10mm margin, or to treat the edge of the panel as the outer border of your table, and let the lines run on around the edges.
  • Use colour! Coloured backgrounds, logos etc. don’t add to the cost and can breathe some life into your design and thereby your whiteboard will be more of an enhancement to your workspace than what otherwise might be purely functional and a bit drab.