Linking Thinking

Our education consultant Steve Padget has been busy working in schools with LogoVisual Thinking (LVT) as well as demonstrating the methodology at two recent conferences. In October, he attended the Creative Minds conference in Birmingham and in March was invited to demonstrate the methodology at an international conference at the College of Teachers held at the Institute of Education, London.

In a recent article in Creative Teaching & Learning he describes the LVT methodology in terms not only of the cognitive benefits for the learners but also in terms of the CPD benefits to the teachers that its regular use presents as the school develops a creative curriculum.

The article ‘Linking Thinking’ describes the very positive results of this yearlong project in a typical urban primary school. The children found the days very enjoyable, busy, productive and fulfilling. The approach facilitates working together and being collaborative and the teachers noted high levels of engagement across the ability range as well as the development of some underused interpersonal skills stimulated by the different lesson dynamics generated by LVT.

Further information:

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