Developing a Creative Curriculum

Developing a creative curriculum says some very important things about a school.  How the community, children and adults alike, articulate their ideas about learning and teaching, and how they see their school:

  • The leadership is inspirational.
  • The staff are flexible, creative and dynamic and share the vision.
  • The school views the process of learning as a creative act.


Other features of schools embracing a creative curriculum include the development of learning based collaborative approaches.  And the examination of ways to achieve the co-construction of enquiry based learning.  LVT is a tool that can contribute considerably to this. It gives students a setting to produce considerations combined with a methods for articulating and sharing thoughts visually. Fundamentally, LVT at that point enables students to take a look at the relationship between these ideas, which brings about giving a genuine chance for new understandings to happen.

“A very flexible tool which could be used in a variety of aspects in school.”

Val Squires – Nursey Hill Primary – Warks LEA


Developing a Creative CurriculumDeveloping a Creative Curriculum

“Excellent teaching aid” Anita Porter – Impington Village College on LVT Classroom kits

How Making Thinking Visible Adds Value:

Visible thinking is shared thinking. Sharing our thoughts in a visible space enables collaborations to build up and enhance the result..

  • LVT is a dynamic planning and learning tool for staff
  • LVT is a dynamic planning and learning tool for learners

Creative Curriculum organisingCreative Curriculum organising








Creative Curriculum organisingCreative Curriculum organising







Logovisual associate Steve Padget is passionate about developing a creative curriculum. He is a lead educational consultant and writer with deep experience of working with young learners and teachers in training and in service.

He has been working with Logovisual for many years in a wide variety of educational settings examining the power of visual thinking to motivate and deepen learning. He has wide experience of introducing, demonstrating, training and developing the use of our own Logovisual Thinking method in schools across the phases and across the country.

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