Facilitating High Performing Project Team

Facilitating high performing project team simply gets things done. Well, not so simple actually. A high performing project team is more likely to happen by design and intervention. What some may call ‘teams’ are merely a group of co-located individuals or at best group of people with similar roles. Organisations with a new project team which needs to get up to speed quickly; or an existing team which needs rejuvenating, have benefited by using LogoVisual Thinking – making thinking clear and explicit. Sharing a common purpose; collaborating together; channeling conflict and delivering results.

Facilitating High Performing Project Teams Adds Value:

With each individual sharing their thoughts visually with the rest of the team, their norms and assumptions become explicit.  For example, often it’s the quiet ones who find the key to unlocking a better way forward.  Unless they are invited to share their thoughts, how would you ever know there was even a lock?  LogoVisual Thinking helps the process of discovering the wisdom of the team.

High Performing Project Teams Solutions

· Vision, strategy and purpose workshops
· Team building sessions
· Project scoping workshops
· Conflict, challenge and collaboration workshop
· Re-railing workshop (when a project or team has become de-railed)
· Facilitated lessons learned workshop (acting on the lessons for the next phase or project)
· Other facilitated workshops and group coaching to suit your situation.

Case Study:

Making time to grow an IT business

The Context – A group of Programme Executives were responsible for the operation of all projects and services within the organisation, including a number of high performing project teams (HPPTs).

The Issue –The Programme Executives were now being challenged with growing the business, in addition to their operational responsibilities. How could they do this when the regular flow of day-to-day operational work, including problems and issues was using all their time?

The Solution – We ran a visioning and purpose workshop to understand the current and future situation. This was followed by a strategy and planning workshop to create an irresistible case for action to take to the Executive Board. LogoVisual Thinking was instrumental in seeing the solution which would both resolve the problems and offer a new way forward.

The Result – Go ahead from the Executive Board to implement the new strategy. This included: duplicating the model of High Performing Teams across other parts of the business (projects and service); restructuring the lines of accountability, reporting and communication; and creating a new forum for business development. Overall, this freed up time to build relationships with influential customers, and helped to grow the business.

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan leads on facilitating high performing project teams. He is a qualified facilitator with over 20 years’ experience of facilitating groups. He has worked successfully with a range of stakeholders through all layers of an organisation, from executive to junior, from engineer to account director. Jonathan has facilitated workshops for businesses large and small and community groups. He uses LVT extensively, and specialises in workshops to create strategies, get new projects off to a good start, simplify complexity, learn lessons from completed programmes, solve problems creatively, build teams, for professional and leadership development, and improve processes.

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