The best funky whiteboard ideas

We pride ourselves on being able to turn a client’s vision into reality, which has resulted in some funky whiteboard ideas over the years. We work hand in hand with you, and we’re happy to take a verbal brief and produce artwork in house. We can also work with artwork from a design agency. Below we’ve picked some of the best unusual whiteboard designs we’ve produced.

Some of the best whiteboard ideas

Grafitti wall

We’ve made S-shape walls before, but this grafitti wall was one of the longest and certainly the furthest travelled! Our US client wanted a dramatic but practical centrepiece for a comic book event. Our solution was to produce a multi purpose curved whiteboard wall. One side could be used for displaying entry passes, whilst the other side was a huge blank grafitti canvas. Participants at the event were free to design a manga-style image of themselves, and the results were fantastic.

We assembled and checked the wall prior to packing for shipping. We supplied step by step instructions, as well as being available for help over the phone, and re-assembly went without a hitch.

Corridor wall

We help clients make the most of every space, and a corridor wall is no exception. Our ThinkingWall wall mounted whiteboard is frameless and the modular panels make a seamless writing wall. This is perfect for a long corridor wall that otherwise might be left empty. Our favourite printed versions encourage interaction and are a really creative way to approach staff communication.

Custom Printed Whiteboard

Whiteboard furniture

Never be short of somewhere to scribble that phone message with a whiteboard desk – and it’s wipe clean so you can stay GDPR compliant. Whiteboard tables are great for the classroom too (who would have though you’d be encouraging students to write on the desk?)

Multi-functional whiteboard furniture combines a drywipe surface, movable design and modern style. We’ve produced one of our popular ThinkingWall Divider units incorporating a digital TV screen to create the ultimate movable meeting space. We’ve also made a version with handy concealed shelving inside the unit – a whiteboard storage divider.

Mobile whiteboard TV unit

Interactive art

A printed magnetic whiteboard and printed magnets combine to make a practical work of art. We created this one for a children’s ward in a hospital. Different magnets are solid and satisfying to place, and allow endless variation. This solution isn’t just for children though, we’ve used a similar approach to show staff team structure.

magnetic wall art

3D dry wipe flower

Whiteboards don’t have to be flat and two dimensional. We made this 3D dry wipe flower for a university student union event. It’s assembled from lightweight writable magnetic pieces in a weighted base. Students added petals with handwritten messages to the flower.

bespoke magnetic flower


Our custom printed leaderboards are one of our most popular products for use in house and at trade events. We also produce custom printed lightweight whiteboards that can serve the same purpose. They can be wall mounted or propped on a table or easel. One of our favourites is this project, a racetrack scoreboard. We also produced custom magnetic motorcycles to track progress (we’ve done magnetic cars in the past too!)

Custom printed scoreboard 2

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