Solutions for shared desks in a hybrid workplace

standing height whiteboard desk with two people working

As we emerge into a post-Covid world, flexible approaches to office-based work are becoming the norm. With occupancy levels in offices likely to be lower than before for many industries, shared desk space is a practical approach. At Logovisual we can offer some stylish but functional options for shared desks in a hybrid workplace.

Write on the desk surface

Our desks have whiteboard surfaces, so you can write straight on to them and wipe down easily after use with a non-abrasive cleaner. It cuts down on paper use too.

ThinkingWall Drywipe Desk

Standing height desk with dry wipe finish

If it’s just to send off a few emails between meetings then a stand up desk is ideal.  Users can set up a laptop or access provided PCs – there is a cable hole in the centre of the desk to allow easy power and network connection. This version uses our ThinkingWall high quality dry wipe surface. As well as being functional, it offers a high gloss white finish at home in any modern office environment.

standing height dry wipe desk

Seated workstation desk with whiteboard surface

This whiteboard desk is great to use as a workstation as it encourages screen breaks to scribble down ideas or take notes from a call.


Whiteboard Desk With Acoustic Mobile Whiteboard

Dry wipe desk partition

Taking measures to avoid spreading infection has become part of everday life. We’d all like to avoid catching even minor seasonal coughs and colds, so desk partitions are a practical long term investment. A desk partition provides privacy and shields users from each other and passers by. This example has a quality whiteboard surface so is also convenient to jot down reminders and a to-do list. When finished, it simply wipes clean ready for a colleague to use.

Whiteboard desk screens

Bespoke desks

We can manufacture desks in standard sizes suitable for offices, design studios, laboratories and classrooms. Our desks come with either sitting or standing height steel legs in a choice of colours. However all our products are made to order, so we can design to any size with different edge finish and leg styles.

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