Five ways to use whiteboards as part of your trade stand display

Printed whiteboards

Using a whiteboard as part of your trade stand design can really help you engage visitors at an exhibition. Curved or straight panels add an interactive element to a trade show stand which encourages potential clients to linger.

1. Magnetic leaderboard

Running a contest based on points or speed is a great way to engage visitors to your stand. You could go for a physical contest with a basketball hoop or Batak machine; traditional video or console games; or giant version of old fashioned games like Jenga and Operation.

Magnetic leaderboards (as seen on the BBC Top Gear’s ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’ slot) are space efficient, freestanding boards with magnetic strips for recording names and scores. They can be printed with your logo and branding, and give you a visual means of tracking the results to foster some friendly competition. Although we have a standard manufacturing size if you want to order quickly, if you want something different we can work to your own ideas.












2. Doodle board

Set up a freestanding whiteboard as a doodle board and ask visitors to draw themselves, their favourite animal or something related to the theme of the trade show. We recently supplied a huge S-shaped wall to the US for exactly this. We designed and manufactured it right here at our base in Skipton, North Yorkshire, including checking the assembly. We then packed it carefully complete with full instructions for the client to be able to reconstruct it on site.

A doodle board doesn’t have to be this large though. We can design to any size or indeed any colour.

3. Display wall

A whiteboard can double as a projection wall and a display board. The dry-wipe surface is easy to keep clean so your presentation images or film remains clear. The magnetic surface can hold any kind of documents with strong pin magnets, from photos to ID passes. Or you could use magnetic overlays or pre-printed magnets so that you can keep mixing up your display, ensuring passing visitors never see the same thing twice.

4. Meeting booth

Create a secluded meeting pod on your stand with a whiteboard on wheels incorporating an acoustic panel. This gives a visual and sound screen that can be pulled across a corner when needed for a more in-depth conversation with a client or prospect.

Acoustic Mobile Whiteboard

5. Photo props

Smaller, portable whiteboards are lightweight and can be made to any shape and printed with any design. You could have dry wipe speech or thought bubbles for visitors to use for selfies, pointing hands, life size image of the boss to draw glasses and moustache on – the possibilities are endless.

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