Which whiteboard surface is best?

We have spent 30 years developing whiteboards and selecting the best materials and surfaces to suit our products and designs. We look at how well they perform as a writing surface, how well they clean and how magnetic receptive they are.

Logovisual whiteboard panels

Our two main product ranges are based around ThinkingWall® and our custom printed whiteboards. These vary slightly in specification. They are both rigid panel whiteboards, but a world away from the flimsy, stain-prone options you might find from an office stationery supplier.

ThinkingWall® premium quality whiteboard

ThinkingWall® is our premium architectural panel solution, and features the same hard wearing writing surface throughout the ThinkingWall range. It is available as custom sized bespoke wall panels as well as being used in our range of mobile and freestanding whiteboards.

The ThinkingWall® writing surface is designed to be very hard wearing, easy to write on and easy to clean. We use a slight off-white colour which makes writing easier to read compared to a very bright white.

The surface is semi-gloss which enables ink to be easily wiped off with a soft cloth or cleaning spray. Whiteboard surfaces need to be glossy and smooth so that marker pen ink dries on the surface ready to be simply wiped off, rather than soaking into any bumps or textures which are more difficult to clean. Although gloss surfaces will pick up reflections from lights in the room, we try to balance this by not using a super high gloss finish like glass.

The ThinkingWall® material contains metal content which makes it receptive to magnets and means we can produce a frameless finish for a clean, simple and modern look without leaving sharp edges to the whiteboards.

We regularly test a variety of different drywipe markers to choose the most suitable for our boards. Have a look at our posts on the best whiteboard pens on test and cleaning and refurbishing your whiteboard.

One key function of the wall mounted ThinkingWall® whiteboards is the ability to join multiple panels with only a fine seam between each therefore creating whole wall whiteboards to suit any wall space.

The ThinkingWall whiteboard material is not suitable for printing but we do have an alternative product range if this is required.

ThinkingWall whole wall whiteboard

Custom printed high quality whiteboard

For our custom printed whiteboards we use a high quality polyester based drywipe finish. As with the ThinkingWall® whiteboards we have tested and developed this over a number of years so we are confident in its performance for writing and cleaning.

The printing is encapsulated beneath the drywipe finish rather than direct printing to the surface which gives a very smooth wipeable finish. Direct printing can leave bumps and ridges where the ink is applied to the surface which can hold marker pen ink making them more difficult to clean.

Our custom printed whiteboards can be magnetic receptive if required and use metal content within the surface finish allowing magnets to hold to this. They are frameless with edges finished to match the face and without leaving sharp edges to the board.

All whiteboards are made to order allowing great flexibility in size and design, with larger sizes being possible by butting a series of frameless panels together.

Glass whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are available in a wide range of colours and are typically back painted, so the colour shows through on the face. They are frameless so with the choice of colour are often used as a modern alternative to a traditional framed steel whiteboard.

They have a high gloss finish which works very well as a drywipe surface and cleans easily but it does make the surface very reflective.

Glass whiteboards can be made magnetic receptive with the addition of a metal layer behind the glass face. They are usually less magnetic receptive than other whiteboards so high strength neodymium magnets are needed. As the metal layer is behind the glass it means the magnets need to be much higher strength with a larger magnetic field in order to ‘pull’ through the glass to the metal behind.

Glass whiteboards are usually available in a range of standard sizes although some manufacturers offer custom sizes. They are typically frameless so multiple whiteboards could be mounted side by side to create a larger whiteboard wall however they would only be butted together rather than joined leaving slight gaps between each.

Vitreous enamel steel whiteboards

These are typically made from enamelled sheet steel so are very receptive to magnets. You will often be able to use lower strength and cheaper magnets rather than high strength neodymium magnets needed for other whiteboards.

The steel whiteboard surfaces are usually very hard wearing, write and clean well however as they are manufactured from steel need a frame (typically aluminium) to cover the sharp edges. This does lead to them looking more traditional and institutional.

Aluminium framed whiteboards are typically available in range of standard sizes and joining multiple boards together is not usually possible.

Whiteboard paint and whiteboard wallpaper

Whiteboard paint and whiteboard wallpaper is often used where large whiteboard walls are required. Its advantage is you can cover any size or shape of wall with a drywipe whiteboard surface although the quality of the drywipe finish is very dependent on how well the paint is applied to the wall. In our experience it is often very labour intensive and needs to be applied to a very flat smooth surface in order to be effective and easily cleaned.

ThinkingWall whole wall whiteboard

Logovisual have previously supplied whiteboard panels for our London office, so when we needed whiteboards for a room at our head office we got in touch. The end result looks good – many thanks.


All looks fantastic thank you!!
The guys were a pleasure to meet and it was all so hassle free.


Commissioned Logovisual to design and install a folding wall in one of our technology rooms. Both our company and the NHS Trust were absolutely delighted with the installation a first for all.


Clear and prompt communication throughout and a very smooth installation process. Nothing was too hard. Highly recommended!


Excellent, high quality product, purchased after wise advice and installed quickly by friendly installers. Perfect product for our meeting room needs.


The board looks great! And I’d like to say your installers were absolutely fantastic, so friendly, organised and cleaned up.


Logovisual really understood our brief and made some great suggestions to make our designs come to life. They helped us bring a child’s game from a small tin to a life size piece of experiential, for us to take in to store at John Lewis. Everyone loved it. Thank you guys.


As a product, they really provide a varied functionality to aid in our brainstorming and project works. These mobile whiteboards have really been an excellent investment and are immensely popular with our staff.


The whole process from start to finish was excellent and the final product was second to none. Highly recommend Logovisual and the team and will be using them again very soon for the next project.


The install was fab the guys were excellent and we all love the wall, so much in fact we are thinking of future projects including them. Once again can’t thank you enough for a great thorough service.


Logovisual had as I believed to be the simplest and hassle free job on the project, install of white boards. They were in and out within 3 hours, a job well done!


The product itself is superbly built and easy to manoeuvre around with the attached wheels. From the office team’s communication before our event to the delivery team’s installation and pickup I found everyone to be really helpful and very professional going out of their way to meet our deadlines. I would certainly recommend logovisual.


We were looking for a new “canvas” to share information and encourage joint thinking. The Thinking Wall turned out to be the perfect solution. There’s room to be expansive and for things to have real impact. The service we received right from our first enquiry, to installation (very fast, very painless) has been excellent.


We were pleased with the high level of customer service, our order was dealt with quickly and efficiently and we are thrilled with the finished product. The custom whiteboards that are exactly as we had envisaged them.


Just wanted to thank you again for your help, had a small amount of feedback from our client: Whiteboards are superb. Even better than expected!


The products look amazing and your team were clean, tidy and considerate.