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What is Visual Thinking?

Visual thinking is a powerful tool to encourage collaboration and foster open and creative problem solving. It presents pictures, shapes and words in a non-linear way. Unlike a paragraph of text which has a fixed order, elements can be routed in different orders, linked together, and expanded upon.

What we do

We offer a range of workshops and products to support visual thinking in your organisation, this can include:

  • Run discovery days for those new to visual thinking
  • Facilitate strategy workshops using visual thinking methods
  • Organise training sessions for popular techniques
  • Design toolkits for any visual thinking method, including bespoke in-house approaches
  • Supply a range of magnetic and non-magnetic accessories, process tools, books and software

Solve a business challenge

Visual thinking tools can be tremendously powerful in engaging groups or teams in organisational development processes such as ideation, strategy definition, project scoping, risk management, business model canvas, defining a value proposition etc.

We can put you in touch with one of our associates best able to facilitate a workshop, or train or coach you in effective visual thinking processes to derive best outcomes. Find out more about solving a business challenge…

Introduce a visual thinking technique

If you would like to rationalise thinking and planning across your organisation, we can provide input. Making sense of which visual thinking method would be most suitable for your business or facility can be difficult.  We can introduce you to one of our associates with appropriate experience in the kinds of processes you operate or want to implement.

If they can’t help you over the phone, they will meet with you and either work alongside you to pilot a solution or facilitate a discovery session with key people in your team. Find out more about visual thinking training

Develop bespoke visual toolkits

Logovisual began life as the product development arm of Centre for Management Creativity. Our purpose then was to develop a visual thinking toolkit to support a specific facilitation technique –  LVT Method. That toolkit caters for personal and team sessions using drywipe magnetic hexagons on portable whiteboards, larger tiles and sticky notes for use on wall mounted boards, and a software App for capturing session outputs to create visual reports and import into workflow tools.

Since then we have developed bespoke visual toolkits for other training and consulting organisations and their own unique processes, often printing designs on the whiteboards and process shapes, and branding the kits to the relevant client organisation. Find out more about bespoke visual toolkits…

Workshops and sessions

We can run introductory workshops to explain how visual thinking will benefit your operation, as well as more in-depth sessions either to compare methodologies or to concentrate on one technique.

You might want to offer a workshop to senior managers to cascade knowledge. Alternatively, we can offer one or a series of sessions for all your teams or departments. Find out more about visual thinking discovery workshops…

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