Visual Thinking Products

We believe that ANY process can be made more effective by making it visible – seeing the status of things, seeing progress against plan, seeing overlaps and conflicts, seeing where the problem is or what the issues are; or what ideas and insights we have, and how they can help us make sense of the bigger picture.

Our range of Visual Thinking Products includes booksprocess tools and software to help you with all aspects of visual thinking and planning.

All the visual thinking products in this section are designed to aid thinking, planning and learning processes in business, education and other sectors.

The process tools cater for personal and team sessions using drywipe magnetic hexagons on portable whiteboards, larger tiles and sticky notes for use on wall mounted boards, and a software App for capturing session outputs to create visual reports and import into workflow tools.

We also develop bespoke visual toolkits for other training and consulting organisations and their own unique processes, often printing designs on the whiteboards and process shapes, and branding the kits to the relevant client organisation.