Wall Mounted Whiteboards

We have over 20 years expertise in high quality, frameless magnetic wall mounted whiteboards made to measure to fit your space.

If you have the wall area available, then a large whiteboard offers infinite possibilities for planning, collaboration and communication. Use with pens, magnetic overlays, documents and pin magnets, or as a projection surface.

A wall whiteboard is not just for teams in the office either. It can provide a backdrop or focus for remote meetings too.

The ThinkingWall® wall mounted white board is a superior quality infinity whiteboard wall. With this modular option you can choose from a single or multiple panels. Create a full dry wipe wall (our longest to date is 17 metres) or choose just one drywipe panel to make use of a small space. Our design team will work with you to measure and calculate the best panel configuration. Our experienced fitters deliver and install to the UK and Europe to ensure a perfect fit and premium finish every time.

We also have a limited number of frameless wall whiteboards available from stock in a range of sizes. These are manufactured from excess material left over from large ThinkingWall® whiteboard projects. If you are flexible on size this could be a quick, cost effective option.

Our lightweight magnetic dry wipe boards come with a high quality, plain white finish. Ideal for walls with a weight restriction, we can make these to fit any area. We have various sizes available in stock as well if you are looking for faster delivery.

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Showing all 3 results

The shapes and sizes of our stock whiteboards are always being updated, click to see the range we have available right now.

If you’re looking for a printed design on your whiteboard, have a look at our custom print range.