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Software to record and share ideas and results from whiteboard sessions by manipulating shapes, connections and groups. Or use the software as a visual thinking tool for process planning and idea generation.


Product Description

  • Write on movable shapes to think visually
  • Represent ideas as objects you can define and organise
  • Structure ideas to articulate new meaning
  • Rapidly capture whiteboard session outputs to print, email or export
  • Map inter-relationships to understand complex issues
  • Develop clearly structured stories, essays and reports.

LogoVisual Capture is a simple yet powerful visual thinking app which supports all kinds of creative and systems thinking.

Like its predecessor, Visual Concept, Logovisual Capture was originally developed as a means of capturing outputs from ideation sessions where Post-its or MagNotes are used to create shared knowledge. In this context, the purpose and value of Logovisual Capture is in rapidly creating a legible record of whiteboards or brown-paper session outputs, in order that they could be shared with participants and stakeholders and used as the basis for project or strategy planning.

In addition to this administrative use, Logovisual Capture provides a medium for creative visual thinking and systems thinking in its own right. You can use it to capture large amounts of information and create knowledge maps either as ideas occur to you or as they are extracted from audits, meetings, lectures etc.

It supports the bottom-up approach of brainstorming ideas and then seeing and articulating sense and meaning by grouping and clustering ideas into greater wholes. It is an ideal medium for learning this and other system thinking methods.

Version 11 of Logovisual Capture

The latest version of the new generation LVT Capture software is now available to download – remember it needs installing on a PC and if you’ve used up your trial period running an earlier version you’ll need to buy a licence to unlock it, but the licence price is only £29+VAT so treat yourself to this lovely brainstorming and ideas modelling tool!

  • Add a picture
  • Show numbers
  • improved PDF and other exports export
  • Print to resident PDF driver for vectored output
  • Bugs and minor fixes


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