Whiteboard Starter Kit
Whiteboard Starter Kit
Whiteboard Starter Kit
Whiteboard Starter Kit
Whiteboard Starter Kit

Whiteboard Accessory Kit


Our whiteboard accessory starter kit contains everything you need to get started with a new whiteboard. The kit includes:

1 No. Magnetic pen tray

1 No. 100ml whiteboard cleaning spray

2 No. Drywipe marker pens

1 No. Microfibre cleaning cloth

1 Pack of 30 No. 3 inch hexagon Magnotes

Product Description

The whiteboard accessory kit is supplied in a handy box measuring 330mm (l) x 240mm (w) x 105mm (d). All items it contains are sold separately on our website should topping up be required.

Magnetic pen tray

The magnetic pen tray holds directly to the whiteboard surface and has space to fit all the items in the whiteboard starter kit. The strong magnetic backing holds well to the whiteboard surface and is easy to move around so can be positioned wherever someone is working on the whiteboard.

Whiteboard cleaning cloth

We always recommend using a soft cloth for cleaning rather than hard sponge cleaners to avoid smearing, smudging or damaging the whiteboard surface. Once the ink is dry the microfibre cloth will easily wipe away the marker and the spray cleaner can be used for any stubborn marks or ink that has been on the whiteboard for some time.

Whiteboard cleaning spray

The 100ml spray is non-toxic and provides a non-corrosive but effective cleaning solution to remove dry wipe marker. Use once a week for a thorough clean to leave your board sparkling.

Dry wipe markers

We supply Edding drywipe marker pens in our starter kit as we have tested them thoroughly with our whiteboards. We have tested most other brands of drywipe marker to ensure they work but would always suggest keeping to one brand of marker as different manufacturers use different pigments in their ink which don’t always mix.

Dry wipe magnetic hexagons

The hexagon shaped MagNotes are drywipe magnetic tiles for idea generation, note taking and making thoughts visible. The individual magnetic tiles allow ideas to be clustered on a whiteboard during planning or brain storming sessions. Once up on the whiteboard they can be easily moved around, structured and made sense of. Further information on visual thinking processes can be found here or see our other kits for more comprehensive solutions.


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 10.5 cm


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