Custom Sized Cupboard Door Whiteboards

Made to measure whiteboards for your kitchen.

Product Description

Our custom sized magnetic cupboard door whiteboards can turn a disused space into a useful drywipe surface for school, home, or office. Organise everything from logging reminders and lists, displaying documents and planning your schedule.

Custom made for a perfect fit

The cupboard door whiteboards are custom made for a perfect fit and produced from a high quality thin and light weight drywipe material that can be installed directly to doors or other surfaces.

Magnetic surface

The magnetic receptive layer allows for documents, notes, letters and children’s drawings to be pinned to the whiteboard magnetically much as you would with a fridge door.

Made to measure

As we fabricate the whiteboards to fit a specific space they are ideal for hinged cupboard door fronts or sliding doors, or fitted to wall spaces in between units.


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