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Hook Up Whiteboard
Hook Up Whiteboard
Hook Up Whiteboard
Hook Up Whiteboard
Hook Up Whiteboard
Hook Up Whiteboard

Hook-Up Portable Whiteboards

The hook up portable whiteboards are designed to be highly portable enabling work to be moved easily from location to location. Switch between wall whiteboard and hand held whiteboard with ease.

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Product Description

We designed our hook-up portable whiteboards as an easy to use, contemporary way to move thinking sessions from small group work to larger discussion. Use either wall mounted or as a hand held whiteboard.

Portable whiteboard

The portable nature of the hook-up whiteboards means users can work collaboratively at desks and seating areas, then move into meeting rooms or board rooms for further discussion taking the work with them. The panels are finished with a slot which acts as a carry handle and two holes that allow the panel to be hung from wall mounted pegs. This is ideal for taking work away to a desk or meeting before bringing the whiteboard back to share as part of a group session.

Hook-up display options

The hanging whiteboard panels and corresponding wall hooks can be installed as an individual panel but are particularly effective when installed in groups. Three or four whiteboard panels can be hung on a set of pegs and when required simply lifted on or off.

Choose from landscape or portrait wall mounting.

The hanging pegs are designed to complement the hanging whiteboard panels and provide a secure place to store or work on the board. The design of the pegs allows for multiple whiteboards to be hung from each set so that in busy areas of the office there is always one to write on.

Quality dry wipe surface

Our hook-up portable whiteboards features a high gloss surface suitable for writing on with an appropriate drywipe marker pen.



Product Specification:

Hook up whiteboards are drywipe as standard and can be made magnetic receptive if required.

Popular sizes include:

Custom sizes available on request.

The wall hanging pegs supplied with whiteboard panel are generally stainless steel although other colours are available.

Each peg adapted to suit the wall finish it is to be fixed into, for example, wood panelling, plasterboard, masonry or concrete.


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