Custom Printed Portable Frameless Whiteboard
Custom Printed Portable Frameless Whiteboard
Custom Printed Portable Hookup Whiteboard
Custom Printed Portable Whiteboard
Custom Printed Portable Whiteboard
Custom Printed Portable Whiteboard
Custom Printed Portable Whiteboard
Custom Printed Portable Whiteboard
Custom Printed Portable Whiteboard
Custom Printed Portable Whiteboard

Custom Printed Portable Whiteboards

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Custom printed portable whiteboards are a perfect light weight dry wipe surface for collaboration sessions and group work. Use in the classroom, out on the sports pitch, or at your next event. You can supply artwork or we can work with you to produce a bespoke design.

Product Description

These light weight custom printed portable whiteboards are ideal for use at events, away days or within schools, and as always can be customised to incorporate your own branding or artwork.

Light weight and durable

We produce custom printed portable whiteboards from lighter weight materials so they are practical for use at a desk or to move around. Smaller sizes are ideal for writing, whilst you can display larger boards on an easel. Alternatively we can supply self-adhesive pads with the whiteboard for quick and easy wall mounting. You might like custom printed magnets to match your theme too, to highlight important points or to encourage interaction. We can also provide our portable whiteboards with plastic lipping around the edges for better handling and increased durability, this is ideal when used as sports tactics boards.

Quality dry wipe finish

Our portable printed whiteboards carry the same high quality drywipe surface finish that feature on our wall mounted whiteboards. Our recommended dry wipe pens and cleaning solution will keep them looking fresh to reuse over and over again.


The printed portable whiteboards are versatile and have so many uses in the classroom, office or production facility. For schools we can print reusable templates for maths and English such as graph and number line templates, letter and number formation practice, and squared grid or lines. In a professional environment they could feature corporate or event branding for promotions, wipe clean check lists for production workstations, or prompts for idea generation in a collaboration session.


If you would like to provide your own artwork in ‘print ready format’ then please see our artwork requirements or we can work from your brief to develop a design that meets your requirement and exceeds expectations!

Additional Information


Logovisual to Produce, Supply Print Ready File

Board Type

Magnetic, Non-Magnetic

Lipping Colour

Black (rounded corners), None (straight edge only), White (rounded corners)


A3, A4

No. of Sides

Double Sided, Single Sided

2 reviews for Custom Printed Portable Whiteboards

  1. Jeremy Gristwood, Coyote, UK

    The product is great and really meets the need that we had it designed and developed for.

  2. Maria Pares, Hiveworks

    The board is here and it is sooooo beautiful. Thank you so very much!!!! we love it 🙂

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