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Drywipe Training Boards – Custom Printed Whiteboards

Posted on February 5, 2018

These drywipe training boards were produced for Allilon Education, a client we have worked with on a number of occasions. They are used in the Allilon central London Academy as part of the series of tailored courses and one-off programs they offer designed to give professional hairdressers a greater understanding of their craft. Students are able to draw directly onto the board as part of a step by step training process allowing them to properly document their work.

Drywipe training boards

The drywipe training boards are lightweight, portable and custom printed with the clients artwork. The corners are rounded and the edges finished with a protective edge lipping for increased durability when in use. The portable whiteboards feature a drywipe surface so that notes, drawings and diagrams can be easily marked on the boards and removed ready for the next training session.

Drywipe training boards

The lightweight nature of the drywipe training boards offers the flexibility for students to work on a desk or tabletop but if and when required work with them hand held as part of a collaborative group session. The illustrations printed on the board are designed by Allilon and form a fundamental part of their teaching methods. They believe that if you are able to draw your work it shows a true understanding of the techniques.

All of our custom printed portable whiteboards are made to order to bespoke sizes if required. Artwork can be created from a brief or we can work directly from supplied designs. Further examples can be seen throughout our website and we always welcome the opportunity to discuss potential projects in more detail. Portable whiteboards can be magnetic receptive for increased functionality. We can print to both sides or leave the reverse as a blank whiteboard.

Drywipe training boards

Drywipe training boards

Bespoke Customer Experience Tracking Board

Posted on January 2, 2018

Our custom printed whiteboards allow us to tailor make a board to suit a specific use, rather than try to adapt on off the shelf product. This customer experience tracking board allows members of the team to visually follow each step of the customer journey from beginning to end.

Customer Journey Wall

The customer journey wall was printed and manufactured as lightweight panels which were mounted directly to the wall with no requirement for screws or mechanical fixings. The overall width of 3.6m was produced as 4 panels tiled together to create the finished area. To accompany the board we produced a set of custom shaped drywipe magnets which matched the hexagonal elements in the board design. These were printed in the three main colours and will be used to represent each customer, so their progress can be tracked as they progress through prospecting, procurement and implementation phases of the journey across the customer experience tracking board.

customer experience tracking

Once installed the customer experience tracking board received some great feedback from the client:

“We wanted to build a large customer experience tracking board for our new operation to track and rate all our touchpoints with our customers. After trying to pull something together ourselves manually it became a complex and expensive job which would have been very basic. Once we contacted Logovisual everything was taken care of and the process seamless from design, manufacture and installation. The overall cost was only a fraction higher than our DIY option but we now have a far superior/professional looking product and saved lots of time in the process. The team couldn’t be more helpful from supporting and shaping our design to customising magnets to our needs. Would highly recommend”

Further examples of our custom printed whiteboards can be found here.

Custom Printed Magnetic Staff Board and Office Planner

Posted on November 20, 2017

We have recently manufactured a custom printed magnetic staff board and series of office planners for different clients. Each one was produced to a brief set by the client so that they could be made to fit their particular needs.

Office Planner

The first office planner was designed to show the working week with a set of magnets with different titles to illustrate staff movements. The magnets are easy to place and re-position making it simple to see at a glance where members of staff are on a particular day.

Staff Boards

This magnetic staff board was designed as a motivational game based on the Snakes & Ladders board game. As members of staff complete chosen tasks they move counters across the board with prizes and forfeits on the way.

Staff Boards

This version of a magnetic staff board was used to show who is part the different teams and department. The photos were all produced as magnets so that each could be placed where is most suitable. The central set of photos show the directors and management team while the colour coded boxes (also magnets) contain the members of staff for each of those departments.

All of our whiteboards are made to order and so can feature a specific design or layout most suited to a particular use. The frameless finish gives a clean modern look and the magnetic receptive and drywipe surface allows for notes to be written alongside items held magnetically.

For further details or to discuss a potential new project contact or request a quote through the following link.


School Classroom Whiteboard Tables

Posted on November 8, 2017

A classroom fit out for a school we regularly work with to supply a number of classrooms with whiteboard tables. The tables provide space for each pupil to work directly on the tabletop or work together in a group making use of the entire work space. The feedback so far has been very positive and the client is delighted with how the tables are being used.

Whiteboard tables

The whiteboard tables are made using the same high quality drywipe surface that features in our ThinkingWall range of whiteboard products including the ThinkingWall Desk. The hardwearing gloss finish allows for easy writing and cleaning without leaving stubborn marks or ink residue. The drywipe tabletops are mounted on sturdy metal legs to provide a stable working area. Different legs are available depending on the age group or seated height of those using them.

Whiteboard tables

Whiteboard tables and desks provide a great opportunity to encourage students to think visually. This can be for specific activities when working alone or in groups as collaborative learning and problem solving. Thoughts and ideas can be quickly outlined without being restricted to small pieces of paper or notepads. They complement larger wall mounted whiteboards when used for smaller groups to break away following a larger presentation or lesson.

Whiteboard tables

The whiteboard table tops can be produced at standard school desk sizes or we can manufacture bespoke shapes and sizes to suit particular rooms or spaces.

For more information please contact us or complete one of our online enquiry forms.


Custom Whiteboard Maps with Bespoke Magnets

Posted on October 5, 2017

We recently produced two custom whiteboard maps for the Environment Agency. They feature Ordnance Survey mapping for the area that particular office works in.

Each map had an overall size of 1500mm x 1700mm which needed to be produced in two panels mounted side by side.

Custom Whiteboard Maps

The custom whiteboard maps use 1:50,000 scale OS Land Ranger mapping so shows high levels of detail. They were further enhanced with the addition of local authority boundaries and river markings.

To accompany the map we also created sets of flood risk warning magnets which when placed on the board so at a glance the current flood risk status in a particular area. The magnets showed the different status levels from alert through to severe so that the different risk levels can be plotted and updated as necessary.

Custom Whiteboard Maps

These custom whiteboard maps were produced in the same way as all of our custom printed whiteboards. They have a frameless finish for a modern look and all artwork continues onto the edges. The are generally magnetic receptive so can be teamed with custom magnets or overlays. The drywipe finish allows for notes or markings to be written directly onto the printed surface.

Further examples of our magnetic map boards can be seen here and here.

Firefighter Shift Planning Whiteboard

Posted on September 27, 2017

We recently received a requirement from Cardiff City Airport Fire & Rescue for a Firefighter Shift Planning Whiteboard, they were wanting to detail shift patterns, officers on duty & officer names were amongst other points they were wanting to Highlight.

After speaking with Ben at their Cardiff Airport hanger we were confident that we could supply them with exactly what they needed.

custom printed whiteboard


We produced a sample custom printed whiteboard so the guys could visualise better what their board would look like & once approved the artwork was ready in no time & on its way to production.

In addition they also had a requirement for Firefighter magnets which we also happily produced.

Our drywipe whiteboards are easy to use and maintain, requiring very little additional equipment and their customisation potential make them easy to align with your business and organisational objectives.

Their flexibility makes them useful in a wide range of industries:

  • Improve communication within your workplace – drywipe / whiteboards can be used for monitoring, scheduling, group calendars, shared projects and much more.
  • Better communicate with your clients with menu boards .
  • Drywipe / whiteboards lend themselves to any learning environment or business meetings

Custom Printed Magnetic Training Board

Posted on August 11, 2017

We recently produced a magnetic training board and custom printed magnets for Aico, a market leader in domestic CO and fire protection. The board allows team members to gather round a focal point and work together on a particular project.

Magnetic Training Board

The magnetic training board is to be used in Aico’s Centre of Excellence – the training, meeting and demonstration facility at their head office in Shropshire. The Workshop where these boards are to be used is a hands on area for training on installation and wiring and allows visitors to take part in hands on demonstrations of the products.

Magnetic Training Board

The magnetic training board was to be used on a table top to plot out locations for sensors, smoke and CO alarms and other safety equipment. We produced this as a lightweight custom printed whiteboard made to fit the size of the table top. The building layout design was pre-printed then we produced sets of custom printed magnets with different icons to represent the different pieces of equipment. These magnets can be placed on the board in various rooms and easily moved to demonstrate different configurations.

Further examples of our custom printed whiteboards can be found here and we always welcome the opportunity to discuss potential projects in more depth.

Home Office Whiteboard (Brushed Metal Effect)

Posted on July 21, 2017

A recent made to measure home office whiteboard for a newly converted part of the building. The board was produced in a brushed silver effect to give an industrial look. The custom made whiteboard features a drywipe finish for writing notes, appointments and points to remember. The magnetic receptive finish also allows items to be pinned to the surface to keep them handy or in view as a reminder.

home office whiteboard

The home office whiteboard was designed to cover an unsightly alcove containing fuse boards, wiring, meters and other household utilities. The whiteboard was produced as a lightweight panel making it easy to fit and move around as required. The finish the board off our client fitted a section of skirting board at the bottom so that when in place the alcove is invisible.

This home office whiteboard was produced in the same way as our other bespoke whiteboards. All are made to order at sizes specified by the client. The boards are drywipe, magnetic receptive and can be plain colours, printed with a chosen design or feature a surface effect as seen in this example.

Further examples can be seen here or please contact us to discuss requirements in more detail.

Visual Thinking for Specifying Tech Applications

Posted on July 7, 2017

visual thinking

Article By: Royden Gothelf

Building Apps is getting faster; however getting requirements right is a challenge and is costly if not
done properly.  Agile methods are widely used to get a quick delivery, building incremental releases
with a focus on the value of each release.

The associated work practices give way to more fluid approaches to design and build, which run the risk of stakeholders not understanding why things are being done in certain orders of priority.
Visual Thinking processes and ThinkingWalls help in this space. They help people in their communication and understanding as they work together sharing requirements and the development approach.
Working in a physical team space people are less inclined to just focus on their bit without having any understanding of where their bit fits into the greater scheme of things.

Of course, organisations do not all work in the same way, they may use the same labels, like Agile, Lean, Waterfall etc. but in practice they are not following a standard set of steps. What they do all have in common is the use of notation to explain meaning, they are all using a visual language of some sort.
So they all benefit from Visual Thinking tools for noting the ideas, the requirements, the design and collaborative process to both enable input from all participants and to arrive at a common
understanding of the output – what is being done and by whom.

Examples of where best to apply these to Agile methods are:


  • Use of MagNotes – rectangular drywipe magnetic tiles to write business and non-functional statements; use of different size/colour rectangles for BIZ Features; EPICs; Stories that can be discussed and moved around the ThinkingWall to group into system builds
  • Use of pins to post architecture/platform diagrams
  • Use of colour and shape to differentiate the actors, the roles, the action being done and the inter-relationships through the data and process flows

2. Scrum leader

  • Use of the magnetic ThinkingWall by the scrum leader with the team in stand-up meetings, to change the order and combinations of stories/requirements and using colour to show priority

3. Stakeholder relationship management and planning

  • Use of a separate whiteboard canvas to create the linkage from business requirements to the product releases & development plans
  • This planning board is the adaptive board. The project plan can be electronic and projected onto the board, or it can be kept tactile by using magnetics on a custom printed magnetic overlay, or purpose printed whiteboard.

Digital Capture

Each canvas moves to a digital document once the creative thinking is complete. So enabling everyone to have a record of how the plan was created. This provides an audit trail for both the plan and the thinking behind the plan.

Custom Printed Drywipe Whiteboards

Posted on June 26, 2017

We continue to manufacture a wide range of custom printed drywipe whiteboards and some more recent examples can be seen here. We see a wide variety of uses from noticeboards to maps and menu boards for gourmet food trucks. Each whiteboard is made to order and printed with a full colour design which can be either be supplied by the client or created by us to a specification or brief.

custom printed whiteboards

Our custom printed drywipe whiteboards can also be manufactured to be magnetic receptive for additional functionality. This allows notes and documents to be ‘pinned’ to the board or make use of custom printed magnets to quickly and easily update the information shown on the board.

custom printed whiteboards

Typically we either manufacture our whiteboards as a 15mm thick board designed for wall mounting with screws and brackets for a more permanent fixing. Or as a lightweight 5mm thick panel which can be mounted with suitable contact adhesive or self adhesive pads. As all the custom printed drywipe whiteboards we produce are bespoke we can customise them as required, either by the size they are produced at or the method of construction. As a result we have previously produced lightweight panels with cut outs for hanging on hooks as well as custom freestanding boards.

custom printed whiteboards

Further examples of custom printed drywipe whiteboards can be seen here and also here.

custom printed whiteboards

Lean Canvas Whiteboard Wall

Posted on June 22, 2017

We recently completed the manufacture and installation of a custom printed Lean Canvas whiteboard wall. This follows an increase in popularity of our mobile whiteboard partition walls and creating a more personalised, unique version. We created bespoke artwork to the clients specification which was printed to both sides of the whiteboard unit.

lean canvas whiteboard wall

The client wanted to create a large Lean Canvas with the flexibility for meetings to take place wherever required rather than be restricted to a static wall surface.

Lean Canvas (by Ash Maurya) is an adaptation of Business Model Canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder and popularised by the likes of Apple and Skype. It is designed to help illustrate a range of planning and marketing strategies for competitive and business success.

The structure is similar but some sections have been changed to concentrate on the way timeline affects the revenue stream of a business. The Lean Canvas is more actionable and entrepreneur-focused. It focuses on factors such as uncertainty and risk making more target-specific to incorporate both small and large businesses effectively.

lean canvas whiteboard wall

Our mobile whiteboard walls are made to order so can therefore be customised to suit a particular project or client as seen in this example. Printing can be applied to one or both sides and can be simple branding or a full colour whole wall design.

Please contact us with any questions or to discuss potential projects. Further examples or previous mobile whiteboard wall can be seen here.

Business Planning for SMEs

Posted on June 19, 2017

Article By: Peter Cruikshanks

A visual approach to business planning for SMEs can deliver a prioritised and focussed business plan that engages the workforce in delivering it. SME’s ranging from a “one-man band” to a venture capital-backed business have used LVT to develop their business plans. Most SME’s do not have a business plan. Yet a plan that provides a clear focus on what is important and is used to engage a workforce in working together can make a real impact.

How Making Thinking Visible Adds Value:

Business planning for SMEs involves understanding the businesses current position, visioning a future state and then working out what is needed to get there. Making that thinking visible adds value by encouraging consensus building and clear prioritising.

business planning

business planning

Business Planning for SMEs Solutions:

  • Introductory meetings
  • Executive coaching
  • Commission facilitated workshops to develop effective business plans

Case Study:

An IT software company selling its unique product into the public sector led by two directors who knew the sector and engaged IT experts to deliver the product. The business had grown slowly after an initial growth surge yet the market appeared to be ready to buy more of the product so it felt like a time of change was on the horizon.

The issue -The MD accepted that he seemed to spend all his life in the businesses, dealing with every big and small issue that came up. He had to deal with the detail of software specifications and testing, recruit and manage all of the workforce, prepare responses to tenders and generally have a hand in everything that went on in the business. He knew he shouldn’t manage in that style especially as growth seemed to be coming through. He needed a plan for the future and a business structure that allowed him to delegate far more.

The solution – We ran two Vision and Planning workshops for the two directors, each one taking 3 hours. These relatively short sessions allowed them to step back from the day-to-day and think about the future. The second of the sessions was more action-orientated and included the development of an outline business plan for the next three years.

Follow up workshops developed that business plan and a management structure to support the MD. Implementation activities included a business plan event for all the staff and establishing regular management team meetings to allow the MD to share the workload.

The results – A business with a focus and an MD with management support. Turnover grew and new staff joined the business to help take it to the next level of growth. The MD was able to focus on the more strategic aspects of the business because there was a management team to look after most of the day-to-day business.

Expert Help:

Peter cruikshanks

Peter Cruikshanks is a leading expert in Business planning for SMEs. He has worked in B2B management and leadership roles for more than 20 years. A chartered accountant, he has moved on to lead change programmes, coach business managers, develop new businesses, introduce customer experience programmes and build continuous improvement wherever he operates, and uses LVT as an essential element of the OD toolkit. As a leading business adviser, facilitator and business consultant, Peter’s work is always based on 3 principles: Clarity of Purpose, Work on the business and operate as a team.

Creating Competitive Advantage

Posted on June 13, 2017

Article By: Chris Varley

In today’s highly competitive commercial world, creating competitive advantage is essential. No longer is it just having the USP, process efficiency or even information that will achieve competitive advantage. Now people are playing an even more important role in creating competitive advantage. Every business involves people making decisions and taking action, therefore it is important that the people involved with an organisation, are acting as a cohesive force if competitive advantage is to be achieved.

Within organisations there will always be “issues” that arise between people, functions, departments and contractors, that will have the effect of inhibiting efficiency and effectiveness and thus competitive advantage.

Most of these “issues” can be put down to one word – communication.

Everyone involved will have a slightly different perception or “take” on what they are reading, seeing or hearing depending on the circumstances in which the communication is being given or received.

Creating Competitive Advantage

Addressing issues is creating competitive advantage:

By identifying the “issue”, gathering those involved and applying LogoVisual Thinking, the different perceptions of the issue and the perceived effects; on the individual, the department, the organisation and any external influences can be identified.

The interaction that results from applying LVT creates a greater awareness of the “issue” by all involved.

Creating Competitive Advantage Solutions

  • Identify the “issue” which is inhibiting performance
  • Identify who and what is involved
  • Create an interactive workshop using LVT with an external facilitator, who will bring an independent perspective to the exercise
  • Allocate responsibility and accountability (including timelines) for the outcomes
  • Review after appropriate time frame has elapsed and adapt outcomes if necessary

Case Study:

The Context – new MD of a well known racecourse was concerned at falling revenues and rising costs.

The Issue – MD did not feel that he had a team committed to achieving the corporate objectives and that something of a silo mentality existed between departments and senior management.

The Solution – Created two “Ways of Working” work shops with the Heads of Department.

Day 1 using LVT, identified all the issues and “festering sores”. Nothing was precluded, including process, people, personalities, responsibilities, environment, timeframes etc.

From the “clusters” which resulted, responsibilities were allocated.

Two-week reflection period for further discussion involving other people where necessary.

Day 2 each department Director reported back on their thoughts findings and action plan from the reflection period.

The Result – improved Way of Working from better understanding of the issues and what was needed from everyone in the organisation to achieve a significant improvement in results.
Improved communication between Heads of Department. Silo mentality reduced. Improved year end results achieved

Expert help:

chris varley

Chris Varley
Chris Varley has extensive “hands on” experience at all levels in “blue chip” international companies and SME’s of making change happen through improving communication.
Turning disparate groups into cohesive forces to achieve new objectives.
Qualified business performance coach working in different business cultures.

Mobile Whiteboard Collaboration Wall

Posted on June 12, 2017

Our mobile whiteboard walls have become increasingly popular over the last year. The most recent installation of what we like to call a collaboration wall can be seen here. We produced three whiteboard walls for a finance and trading company in London all of which were 2 metres high and 2.2 metres wide.

mobile whiteboard collaboration wall

Each mobile whiteboard collaboration wall is double sided, providing a large drywipe and magnetic receptive work space. Each unit is set on 8 wheels to provide a stable but mobile footprint and the handle at either end allows for easy re-positioning. The end panels can be customised or coloured to match the environment or clients branding. In this case a blue that featured in the clients logo was chosen.

collaboration wall

The mobile whiteboard collaboration wall is built in sections for ease of transport and installation. This modular constructions allows additional sections to be added to further increase the overall width.

They are proving popular in large open plan offices were wall space is in short supply. The collaboration wall can be moved to wherever required and creates a large multi functional workspace. It is ideal for break out meetings or gathering teams together to share ideas.

mobile whiteboard collaboration wall

All of our mobile whiteboard walls are made to order and we welcome the opportunity to discuss projects in more detail. Please see here for similar projects showing the range of freestanding whiteboard walls.

Facilitating High Performing Project Team

Posted on June 1, 2017

Article By: Jonathan Williams

Facilitating high performing project team simply gets things done. Well, not so simple actually. A high performing project team is more likely to happen by design and intervention. What some may call ‘teams’ are merely a group of co-located individuals or at best group of people with similar roles. Organisations with a new project team which needs to get up to speed quickly; or an existing team which needs rejuvenating, have benefited by using LogoVisual Thinking – making thinking clear and explicit. Sharing a common purpose; collaborating together; channeling conflict and delivering results.

Facilitating High Performing Project Team

Facilitating High Performing Project Teams Adds Value:

With each individual sharing their thoughts visually with the rest of the team, their norms and assumptions become explicit.  For example, often it’s the quiet ones who find the key to unlocking a better way forward.  Unless they are invited to share their thoughts, how would you ever know there was even a lock?  LogoVisual Thinking helps the process of discovering the wisdom of the team.

High Performing Project Teams Solutions

· Vision, strategy and purpose workshops
· Team building sessions
· Project scoping workshops
· Conflict, challenge and collaboration workshop
· Re-railing workshop (when a project or team has become de-railed)
· Facilitated lessons learned workshop (acting on the lessons for the next phase or project)
· Other facilitated workshops and group coaching to suit your situation.

Case Study:

Making time to grow an IT business

The Context – A group of Programme Executives were responsible for the operation of all projects and services within the organisation, including a number of high performing project teams (HPPTs).

The Issue –The Programme Executives were now being challenged with growing the business, in addition to their operational responsibilities. How could they do this when the regular flow of day-to-day operational work, including problems and issues was using all their time?

The Solution – We ran a visioning and purpose workshop to understand the current and future situation. This was followed by a strategy and planning workshop to create an irresistible case for action to take to the Executive Board. LogoVisual Thinking was instrumental in seeing the solution which would both resolve the problems and offer a new way forward.

The Result – Go ahead from the Executive Board to implement the new strategy. This included: duplicating the model of High Performing Teams across other parts of the business (projects and service); restructuring the lines of accountability, reporting and communication; and creating a new forum for business development. Overall, this freed up time to build relationships with influential customers, and helped to grow the business.

Expert Help:

jonathan williams

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan leads on facilitating high performing project teams. He is a qualified facilitator with over 20 years’ experience of facilitating groups. He has worked successfully with a range of stakeholders through all layers of an organisation, from executive to junior, from engineer to account director. Jonathan has facilitated workshops for businesses large and small and community groups. He uses LVT extensively, and specialises in workshops to create strategies, get new projects off to a good start, simplify complexity, learn lessons from completed programmes, solve problems creatively, build teams, for professional and leadership development, and improve processes.

Custom Magnetic Leaderboards

Posted on May 10, 2017

Alongside our standard range we also produce custom magnetic leaderboards. All of our leaderboards are made to order so the customisation can be as simple as matching the colour of the base to the artwork design or to produce them in bespoke shapes.

Please visit Leaderboards for more examples

custom magnetic leaderboards

Our most recent custom magnetic leaderboards included a freestanding cricket bat shape for use at an event. The base unit was modified so that the cricket bat shape could be mounted handle down making the bat face the usable area. The magnetic receptive face allows drywipe name strips to be easily applied and move as scores are updated.

custom magnetic leaderboards

All of our custom magnetic leaderboards are made to order and supplied with blank drywipe magnetic name strips ready for use. The triangular base units allow for easy assembly and create a stable footprint. For further details and examples of previously produced magnetic leaderboards please click here.

Freestanding Whiteboard Partition

Posted on May 8, 2017

We recently the manufacture and installation for a series of freestanding whiteboard partition walls. We have previously produced mobile versions however these are larger, more permanent units. The whiteboard wall separates areas in a large open plan office to help create the feeling of an enclosed meeting space.

freestanding whiteboard partition

Each freestanding whiteboard partition wall is 3.6 metres wide and 2 metres tall. They feature a drywipe and magnetic receptive surface to both the front and back with colour coordinated end panels. The units have a footprint wide enough to create a stable footprint without looking overly thick. Internal ballast is added to further stabilise the whiteboard walls to give a solid writing surface.

freestanding whiteboard partition

The freestanding whiteboard partition allows work areas to be easily created when wall space is in short supply. The large work area on both sides of the whiteboard wall provides space to break away from a desk and collaborate with colleagues. Thoughts and ideas can be to be quickly and easily jotted down with plenty of room to work these through into a carefully planned solution.

Built in modules the freestanding whiteboard partition can be adapted to suit various rooms or spaces. They are joined on site to create the finished wall at the desired width. We can also produce curved walls to fit corners or create a more enclosed area. Click here for previous examples of curved partitions walls.


Developing a Creative Curriculum

Posted on March 19, 2017

Article By: Steve Padget

Developing a creative curriculum says some very important things about a school.  How the community, children and adults alike, articulate their ideas about learning and teaching, and how they see their school:

  • The leadership is inspirational.
  • The staff are flexible, creative and dynamic and share the vision.
  • The school views the process of learning as a creative act.


Other features of schools embracing a creative curriculum include the development of learning based collaborative approaches.  And the examination of ways to achieve the co-construction of enquiry based learning.  LVT is a tool that can contribute considerably to this. It gives students a setting to produce considerations combined with a methods for articulating and sharing thoughts visually. Fundamentally, LVT at that point enables students to take a look at the relationship between these ideas, which brings about giving a genuine chance for new understandings to happen.

“A very flexible tool which could be used in a variety of aspects in school.”

Val Squires – Nursey Hill Primary – Warks LEA


Developing a Creative CurriculumDeveloping a Creative Curriculum

“Excellent teaching aid” Anita Porter – Impington Village College on LVT Classroom kits

How Making Thinking Visible Adds Value:

Visible thinking is shared thinking. Sharing our thoughts in a visible space enables collaborations to build up and enhance the result..

  • LVT is a dynamic planning and learning tool for staff
  • LVT is a dynamic planning and learning tool for learners

Creative Curriculum organisingCreative Curriculum organising








Creative Curriculum organisingCreative Curriculum organising









Expert Help:

Steve Padget is lead educational consultant and writer with deep experience of working with young learners and teachers in training and in service. He has been working with LVT for many years in a wide variety of educational settings examining the power of this tool to motivate and deepen learning.  He has wide experience of introducing, demonstrating, training and developing the use of LVT in schools across the phases and across the country.
 steve padget

ThinkingWall Whiteboard Desk

Posted on February 15, 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new whiteboard desk joining the ThinkingWall range. The ThinkingWall Desk features the same high quality drywipe surface as the other ThinkingWall core products. While providing a large working area it also creates the ability to write directly onto the desk top.

whiteboard desk

The whiteboard desk design is a mix of exposed end grain plywood, white gloss surfaces and steel. The clean and ultra-modern feel will sit well in a variety of offices and working environments. The desk surface measures 1500mm x 1500mm and offers a stable and substantial work area set at ideal standing height.

whiteboard desk

The whiteboard desk design encourages collaborative meetings and as a result moves people away from their individual space to engage in conversation.

Research has highlighted the negative effects of remaining seated throughout the working day. By providing a space where people can work away from their day to day stations the ThinkingWall Desk therefore promotes a variation in position and posture.

whiteboard desk

The whiteboard desk joins the original wall mounted ThinkingWall and the mobile Freestander in a growing range of visual thinking and creative planning products. These are modern interpretations of a traditional whiteboard and can be used either in conjunction or as stand-alone solution. Each shares a design aesthetic and quality befitting the most prestigious of work environments.

whiteboard desk

We design and manufacture all ThinkingWall products in the UK. We offer a full service from specification to installation.

Further details on the ThinkingWall Desk and the rest of the product range can be found here. In addition we always welcome the opportunity to discuss how these products may work in current or future projects.

Creating Shared Strategic Vision

Posted on February 5, 2017

Article By: John Varney

Creating shared strategic vision enables leadership teams to align themselves and focus their energies. This helps avoid layers of misunderstanding and blind alleys. Vision is central in the continuum from shared purpose to strategy and effective action. Developing shared vision with your leadership team and the wider organisation gives a clarity and unity that knows no equal. When people create shared vision they know what to do and how to do it.

Creating Shared Strategic VisionCreating Shared Strategic Vision







Making Thinking Visible Gives The Immediate Benefits of:

  1. Engagement because participation is easy
  2. Healthy diversity by giving everyone a voice
  3. Access to a broad range of tacit and explicit knowledge by casting a wide net
  4. Inclusivity by providing a ‘level playing field’
  5. Creativity by enabling people to manipulate patterns and structures of meaning
  6. Ownership because outcomes are mutually developed and shared
  7. Clear communication because ideas are well structured and articulated

Creating Shared Strategic Vision Solutions:

  • Co-designed facilitated workshops for creating shared strategic vision
  • Vision building module or session as part of a broader development programme
  • Senior team and executive coaching

Case Study:

The CEO of a UK-wide logistics business wanted to engage his leadership team in developing a shared vision. It was agreed that getting off-site for two days was a worthwhile investment. This was like Moses going to the mountains – a complete change of environment and time to reflect and to think. The LVT process took place in a series of sessions, interspersed with inputs and other activities to stimulate creativity and to build relationships. Through this holistic process the team was embracing its own development at the same time as clarifying the future it wanted to create.

The first evening people were made at home and introduced to visual thinking. Next morning the vision process began with a creative LVT session in which participants imagined what success would look like five years hence. This was articulated in a second session as their vision of the future. Later sessions explored what strategies would help realise the vision. This was rounded off in the next day. Before departure the group decided on the next steps necessary to make the vision a reality. Everything was clearly documented and the team took away hard and digital copy to facilitate further work.

The whole event increased the capacity of the team and fully engaged all team members in rising to the challenge they themselves had invented. It set them up to feed into their business plan and to design the processes that would enable them to deliver on it. They remarked upon the level of thinking and interaction between them in preparing and shaping their future. Although they had worked intensively for two days, they enjoyed developing ideas with colleagues and creating a road map to success. The event sustained the strategic energy of this particular organisation for several years.

 Expert Help:

John varney

John Varney leads on creating shared strategic vision. He is one of the originators of LVT. He has wide experience as coach and facilitator in management development, team development, organisational change, mergers and partnerships.  He has over 25 years’ diverse applications of LVT at all levels, in all sectors and with organisations of all sizes. He has co-authored two LVT guidebooks. His relaxed facilitative style encourages creative interaction.

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