Freestanding Custom Printed Leaderboard

Grand National leaderboard

We continue to produce our freestanding custom printed leaderboards in a wide variety of designs and styles. Typically they are supplied with drywipe magnetic strips for writing names and scores…

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Giant Magnetic Dress Up Toy

giant magnetic dress up toy

We always enjoy the more bespoke custom made projects as it gives us the opportunity to use our skills to create something different. Wild & Wolf approached with their idea…

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Custom Office Planner Whiteboard

Office planner whiteboard

We regularly produce a wide range of office planner whiteboards which through our custom printing service can be tailored to suit a specific need or requirement. These recent examples show…

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Whiteboards for schools

Whiteboard desks in a classroom setting

Whilst schools are closed, we’re often hard at work in empty classrooms. We’ve installed everything from full whiteboard walls to whiteboard desks and dry wipe cupboard doors. All of our…

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The best funky whiteboard ideas

We pride ourselves on being able to turn a client’s vision into reality, which has resulted in some funky whiteboard ideas over the years. We work hand in hand with…

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Custom Printed Scoreboard

custom printed scoreboard

We are often asked to produce bespoke printed whiteboards for clients, this custom printed scoreboard is an example of one of those projects. The board was designed as a leaderboard…

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Coloured drywipe boards on wheels

Whiteboards don’t have to be white… we can produce coloured drywipe boards in any shade for schools and workplaces. Our ThinkingWall Freestander is a drywipe board on wheels, available in…

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Whiteboard Calendar Wall Planner

Whiteboard calendar

We produce a wide variety of custom printed whiteboards but one of the more popular solutions are whiteboard calendar and wall planners. This particular whiteboard calendar produced for Bloom & Blossom…

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Bespoke and custom printed whiteboards

Printed whiteboards

Printed Whiteboards Our custom made to order service allows us to produce bespoke and printed whiteboards in a wide variety of sizes, styles and designs. We use high quality printed…

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Firefighter Shift Planning Whiteboard

custom printed whiteboard

We recently received a requirement from Cardiff City Airport Fire & Rescue for a Firefighter Shift Planning Whiteboard. The bespoke board needed allow space to detail shift patterns, officers on duty…

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Custom Printed Magnetic Training Board

Magnetic Training Board

We recently produced a magnetic training board and custom printed magnets for Aico, a market leader in domestic CO and fire protection. The board allows team members to gather round a focal…

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Custom Printed Drywipe Whiteboards

custom printed whiteboards

We continue to manufacture a wide range of custom printed drywipe whiteboards and some more recent examples can be seen here. We see a wide variety of uses from noticeboards…

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Lean Canvas Whiteboard Wall

lean canvas whiteboard wall

We recently completed the manufacture and installation of a custom printed Lean Canvas mobile whiteboard wall. This was a more personalised, unique version of our popular ThinkingWall Divider. We created…

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Bespoke Magnetic Flower

Bespoke whiteboard flower

We were recently asked by Leeds Trinity Students’ Union to create bespoke magnetic flower. The flower needed to freestanding with removable magnetic petals. Each petal has a drywipe surface finish to…

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Portable Football Coaching Boards

football coaching boards

We recently worked with Bristol Rovers to produce a set of bespoke football coaching boards. The boards were printed with design specified by the coaching staff so that it best…

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Custom Magnetic Map Board

custom magnetic map board

We recently produced a custom magnetic map board for London Borough of Hounslow. The map was designed for use in highlighting current projects and work in progress. It was centered…

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Whiteboard Wall Calendar

whiteboard wall calendar

We recently produced a whiteboard wall calendar for the National Osteoporosis Society designed to fill a large wall space and allow detailed planning of upcoming events, activities and meetings. The…

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Magnetic Wall Art Display

magnetic wall art

We recently produced a series magnetic wall art displays and panels. Working in collaboration with Lime these were manufactured and installed for Manchester Children’s Hospital. Each display features a bespoke…

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Bespoke Printed Whiteboards

custom printed magnetic leaderboard

We have been busy over the last few weeks producing a wide variety of bespoke whiteboards and custom printed boards. These have ranged in size, shape and purpose from magnetic…

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Sports Tactics Board

Sports tactics board

Over the last few weeks we have received a number of orders for custom made sports tactics boards all relating to a variety of different sports. They have ranged from…

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Promotional Branded Whiteboard

branded whiteboard

Our custom printing services were recently put to use producing a series of promotional branded whiteboards for Edwards & Blake a contract catering company. The whiteboards were designed as a…

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Portable Magnetic Map Board

magnetic map board

We were recently approached by the production team from BBC Springwatch to manufacture a portable magnetic map board for use in the current series. The board featured a map of…

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Bespoke Magnetic Noticeboard

Bespoke magnetic noticeboard

Our custom printed whiteboards allow us to create products to suit a wide range of different functions. This bespoke magnetic noticeboard is an example of one such use.  The surface…

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Custom Printed Whiteboards & Magnets

custom printed whiteboards

Our frameless custom printed whiteboards are ideal for personalising or branding what can often be a very plain functional work space. Our past projects include everything from a simple logo…

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Custom Printed Desk Whiteboard

desk whiteboard

These custom printed desk whiteboards are a recent example of our bespoke design and manufacturing services. We were asked to create mini whiteboards to sit on office desks and replace…

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Custom Printed Staff Planning Board

staff planner

Our bespoke whiteboards are often used to fulfil a variety of different functions and tasks including custom printed staff planning board. In this case we produced a series of custom printed…

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Bespoke Magnetic In Out Board

magnetic in out board

Our custom printed whiteboards are ideal for a wide range of bespoke projects. The brief for this project was to create a magnetic in out board to quickly show at a…

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Custom Printed Staff Board

staff boards

We recently produced a large custom printed staff board to be used to display the different departments within our clients business and which members of staff belong to each. As…

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Magnetic Maps

magnetic maps

As part of our custom printed whiteboard service we are often asked to produce magnetic maps. So far we have produced a wide variety of different styles from world maps…

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Custom Printed Magnetic Notice Board

custom printed notice board

We recently completed a custom printed magnetic notice board for Gloucester City Homes for use in their offices. The aim was to create non-traditional notice board in keeping with the corporate…

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Custom Printed Pledge Board

We are often asked to produce custom made pledge boards with a dry wipe finish to make them easily reusable. We have produced pledge boards in a wide variety of…

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Bespoke Bamboo Framed Whiteboard

At Logovisual we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver custom made and bespoke projects to a clients brief. This bamboo framed whiteboard is a great example of this process.…

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Bespoke Magnetic Tweet Wall

We were recently asked to produce a bespoke magnetic tweet wall by a creative agency for one of their major clients. The wall was designed to be a decorative piece…

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Bespoke Calendar Whiteboard

bespoke calendar whiteboard

We were approached by Concerto Live, a brand communication and live event management agency to produce a bespoke calendar whiteboard for their offices in London. The board was designed to give…

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Drywipe Numeracy Boards

drywipe numeracy boards

We recently produced a set of drywipe numeracy boards for Marner Primary School in East London. The boards are designed to encourage the children to take part in numeracy problems…

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Custom Printed Whiteboard

Custom Printed Whiteboard

We are often asked to produce custom printed whiteboards to link with a customers branding and corporate image. This most recent example was done for PES Consulting who are based…

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Magnetic Map Boards

Logistics And Planning Map Board

Magnetic map boards are an ideal planning and logistics solution. Our maps can range from whole world maps down to a specific area our clients would like to use.  …

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Community Consultations

Community Consultation Board

Community consultations and stakeholder consultations are all about relating to key audiences in a way that is accessible and engaging to those key audiences. Giving the opportunity to express their…

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Staff Display Board

Staff Display Board

A Staff display board at a school or office can be set out to portray an organisations structure, showing photos of all staff. This can be useful to parents or visitors as…

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Custom printed scheduling whiteboards

Custom printed scheduling boards are fairly self-explanatory. They are perfect for monitoring stock, keeping on top of inbound and outbound goods in a visual format for all to use.  …

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Custom Clipboards

Custom printed magnetic clipboard

Custom clipboards can be made to attach magnetically to whiteboards if required. Alternatively the paper holder mechanism can be incorporated into a whiteboard itself. We tailor these solutions to your…

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Maintenance checklist whiteboards


Routine and scheduled maintenance are easy to manage and monitor with maintenance checklist whiteboards. Da­­corum Council required large quantities of cleaning and maintenance checklist whiteboards for use across all their…

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Customised Calendar Whiteboard


We have provided a wide range of customised calender boards for our clients in the past. The customisation aspect means that all the variables can be specifically designed to convey…

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Personalised magnetic map whiteboard

Personalised magnetic maps are the ideal planning and logistics solution. Our maps can range from whole world maps down to an specific area that our clients would like to use.…

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About These Results

This Projects section shows examples of recent work to showcase the variety of ways in which bespoke whiteboards and whiteboard accessories can be used for a variety of purposes.

The filters to the right will allow you to “drill down” to projects which are similar to your circumstances, or just for inspiration as to what is possible with Logovisual.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your office, school, workplace or home, this is a good place to begin.

You can also find these examples in the tabs under relevant products, for example, if you visit the Custom Printed Whiteboards product, and view the custom printed projects and examples tab.