Acoustic office partitions for an open-plan space

acoustic office divider

In March 2021 we completed a project for a business software provider in the north east of England. They were looking for a solution to divide an open plan office space to separate small teams and screen breakout areas. Their criteria included providing both visual privacy and noise reduction. Our ThinkingWall acoustic office partitions were the perfect answer.

The ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander is a mobile partition wall with built in magnetic whiteboard and acoustic panel. However the client team had some strict safety criteria that meant they did not want all mobile units. It is never a problem for us to make modifications to the design of any of our products. We manufacture to order, so we can adapt to any requirement. In fact, this is how many of our products start their lives; developed as a solution for one client that we anticipate will solve a problem for others. We made several site visits to discuss the team’s needs, and we were able to devise a unique approach for them.

Acoustic office partition on wheels

We made some of the ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestanders to our standard specification, with high quality castors so the units can be repositioned easily but lock securely in place when in use. We also changed out the castors for short, sturdy legs on some units. On this occasion it meant that we could permanently fix the Acoustic Freestanders through the legs to the floor. This created permanent freestanding acoustic office partition walls on legs. However, the units could equally have been left unfixed. This would mean they could be repositioned, albeit with more difficulty than if they had wheels.

The final result gave the client a functional and flexible layout. The minimalist design of the acoustic dividing walls blended equally well with the desk-based work areas and the comfortable collaboration zones.

Freestanding acoustic office partition


Acoustic office partition on wheels or legs

Our products are built to last and, provided they are maintained following our advice, will provide at least 10 years of use. Our commitment to after-care and sustainability means we are always willing to help prolong the life of a product rather than replace it. Therefore if the client did want to moved the fixed dividing walls at at some point in the future, we would be happy to assist.

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