Acoustic screen with built in whiteboard

Acoustic screen with built in whiteboard

This acoustic screen with built in whiteboard is an example of our design process and shows how adaptable our products can be. We are often asked to adapt or customise our core products to suit a particular requirement. As all of our products are made to order we are always happy to explore this with our clients and create a product that best fits their needs.

The starting point for this project was our ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander however the client needed something much narrower and with the main function to act as a mobile acoustic screen. The built in whiteboard brings added functionality for writing. At the same time the full acoustic covered on the back, the sides and bottom act to deaden sound and noise reverberation.

Acoustic screen with built in whiteboard

The acoustic screen with built in whiteboard stands on a sturdy base which features an exposed plywood edge for a clean modern look. The four lockable castors  have high quality bearings and wheels for ease of movement and repositioning.

We also included an integrated pen shelf which sits just below the whiteboard. The pen shelf provides space to keep pens, cleaners, cloths and other accessories so they are always at hand.

whiteboard with integrated pen tray

Our philosophy has always been that the bespoke concepts we come up with today become products we sell in the future. We enjoy the process of creating custom or bespoke products and are always pleased when we can help a client develop a product suited to them.

For further details on any of our products we can be contacted by phone on 01756 792300, email or through the form below. We are always happy to discuss new projects, design briefs and provide quotes as needed.

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