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Backlit Whiteboard

We were asked by Primeast, performance improvement specialists based in Harrogate, if as part of an order for our ThinkingWall frameless whiteboard if LED lighting could be included to create a backlit whiteboard. The requirement was for a soft glow of light to wash the wall behind the ThinkingWall to highlight it as a focal point within the meeting room it was due to be fitted.

After putting thought to the best possible solution we concluded that the space created behind the whiteboard panels by the floating frame would be the ideal place to position a lighting system.

The gap between the wall and the back of the whiteboard panel allows enough space to conceal the wiring and also gives enough distance for the spread of light to create a soft glow rather than pin point light from each individual bulb. We selected an LED strip light that could be cut to size and wired around the perimeter of the backlit whiteboard. This was powered by a single transformer and three pin plug for ease of use.

As part of a system of products ThinkingWall® is custom made to suit a clients requirements. It allows additional items to be added to create an individual solution, the lighting system being just one example.

With advances in LED technology there is a wide range of colours and lighting styles available we can easily add to a ThinkingWall should a custom sized backlit whiteboard be an attractive proposition.

The project was well received by Primeast who gave us the following comments:

“Just a note to say thanks for the Logovisual board at Primeast.  We’ve had so many positive comments about how smart it looks with its LED backlighting and amazing space for dry-wipe and magnetic creativity. It’s just what we needed to enhance the powerful learning experiences we like to give our clients”

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