Bespoke Bamboo Framed Whiteboard

At Logovisual we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver custom made and bespoke projects to a clients brief. This bamboo framed whiteboard is a great example of this process. We were approached by Leigh Moghli from Anagranimals who wanted to create a physical version of the ‘Create an Anagranimal’ section of their website. This needed to be portable enough to be taken to various festivals and events whilst staying in keeping with the style and design of the Anagranimals brand.

We first produced a custom printed magnetic board featuring the background scene onto which the various magnetic elements would hold themselves. We then framed the board with lengths of bamboo that were finished to allow the board to neatly slot within the structure. For an authentic handmade, desert island look we tied the corners with rope to give the impression the frame had been lashed together.

bespoke bamboo framed whiteboard Custom shaped magnets






The magnetic elements form the major part of the bamboo framed whiteboard. Each Anagranimal can be created from a variety of different heads, bodies and legs resulting in weird and wonderful creations with for example, a lions head, parrots body and lizards legs. To create the magnetic elements we took the artwork for the illustrated body parts which was printed cut and turned into magnets. A matt surface laminate was applied to protect the print and give a high quality finish.

The bespoke bamboo framed whiteboard has now been to various festivals around the UK. We have received some great feedback from the client with lots of children enjoying creating their own Pig-orilla-roo or Hippo-croco-puss!


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