Bespoke Calendar Whiteboard

bespoke calendar whiteboard

We were approached by Concerto Live, a brand communication and live event management agency to produce a bespoke calendar whiteboard for their offices in London. The board was designed to give a quick visual indicator in a busy office environment of staff movements and upcoming activities and events.

To ensure that the calendar whiteboard can be used year on year it must be adaptable and not linked to a particular set of dates. To this end it is laid out in a grid format with months running down one side and days of the week across the top. The dates are magnetic tiles which can all the moved to the left or right so that they line up correctly with the corresponding days in each month. To accompany these we also produced long magnetic strips used to highlight the weekends and a set of magnetic staff photo tiles. Each member of staff has a set of photos which are used to indicate who is out of the office and when, they are sized to allow at least six photos in one day box for when multiple people are out of the office.

The custom printed calendar whiteboard sized at 2m x 2m was produced in two pieces that were joined together on site. It was designed to fit within an alcove in the office and to further enhance the look of the board LED back lighting was added. The board was fitted with spacers to give it a stand off from the wall and to allow LED strip lights to be concealed behind the calendar whiteboard to illuminate the wall with a soft glow. Although other colours of LED are available a natural white was chosen to give clean, classic look.

The calendar whiteboard was well received and we hope to further supply other magnetic shapes and tiles to signify other events and activities.

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