Bespoke Customer Experience Tracking Board

Our custom printed whiteboards allow us to tailor make a board to suit a specific use, rather than try to adapt on off the shelf product. This customer experience tracking board allows members of the team to visually follow each step of the customer journey from beginning to end.

The customer journey wall was printed and manufactured as lightweight panels which were mounted directly to the wall with no requirement for screws or mechanical fixings. The overall width of 3.6m was produced as 4 panels tiled together to create the finished area. To accompany the board we produced a set of custom shaped drywipe magnets which matched the hexagonal elements in the board design. These were printed in the three main colours and will be used to represent each customer, so their progress can be tracked as they progress through prospecting, procurement and implementation phases of the journey across the customer experience tracking board.

customer experience tracking

Once installed the customer experience tracking board received some great feedback from the client:

“We wanted to build a large customer experience tracking board for our new operation to track and rate all our touchpoints with our customers. After trying to pull something together ourselves manually it became a complex and expensive job which would have been very basic. Once we contacted Logovisual everything was taken care of and the process seamless from design, manufacture and installation. The overall cost was only a fraction higher than our DIY option but we now have a far superior/professional looking product and saved lots of time in the process. The team couldn’t be more helpful from supporting and shaping our design to customising magnets to our needs. Would highly recommend”

Further examples of our custom printed whiteboards can be found here.

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