Bespoke Magnetic Flower

Bespoke whiteboard flower

We were recently asked by Leeds Trinity Students’ Union to create bespoke magnetic flower. The flower needed to freestanding with removable magnetic petals. Each petal has a drywipe surface finish to allow staff and students to place ideas and feedback onto the flower. The petals can be taken away and worked on ready to be returned and the information on them reviewed.

bespoke magnetic flower

The head of the bespoke magnetic flower was produced as a custom shaped whiteboard. It was printed with the flower design complete with petals. This was then mounted onto a long stem finished in green to create a typical flower shape. To make the flower stable and freestanding we used a weighted plant pot to keep in with the theme and provide enough ballast and support.

Bespoke magnetic flower

As everything we produce is made to order we are often asked about projects like the bespoke magnetic flower. We enjoy the challenge and can often bring ideas and solutions from past projects help resolve new ones.

Further details on any of our projects or to discuss potential new ones please contact us.

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