Bespoke Magnetic Whiteboard Map

magnetic whiteboard map

We have to date produced a wide variety of bespoke magnetic maps, this recent example however is one of the largest. Produced in two pieces the magnetic whiteboard map measured 2700mm high and 2400mm wide featuring a road map style view of England and Wales. The map was magnetic receptive with a drywipe surface and designed to easily show where in the country our clients sites and offices are located. These were marked with a range of coloured magnetic dots, with different colours signifying different functions.

The bespoke magnetic whiteboard maps we produce have been commissioned to perform a range of different functions. They are ideal for marking multiple branch locations as in this project but can also be particularly useful for illustrating sales territories, logistics planning or simply as a decorative piece of wall art.

magnetic whiteboard map

As with this magnetic whiteboard map project our products are bespoke so we can tailor make them to suit a particular need or function. We have a wide range of mapping we can call upon from whole country road maps to individual counties and right down to street level views of a particular area. The maps can be customised further by included details such as postcode boundaries, CCG and health authority catchment areas.

Further examples of our magnetic whiteboard maps can be seen here and throughout the project section of our website.

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