Bespoke Whiteboard – Our longest ever!

Our longest ever whiteboard

We have recently completed the installation of a ThinkingWall bespoke whiteboard which to date is the longest we have ever produced. At 12 metres long and 1.2 metres high it is not quite a world record but we think it could be the UK’s longest whiteboard.

Our client asked for a bespoke whiteboard that would span the width of their offices providing a large working space that is accessible by the whole team. ThinkingWall is the ideal solution for this, it’s modular construction allows for multiple panels to be joined together creating one continuous writing surface which can be custom made to almost any size.

Our unique wall mounting system leaves only a very fine seam between each joined panel. This means writing can carry on across the joins and allowed us to make the whole board into one giant 12 metre bespoke whiteboard.

All of our ThinkingWall bespoke whiteboards are installed by our team of experienced fitters and this was no exception. Starting from one end the panels are carefully positioned side by side ensuring that each one is level and lines up correctly with the next.

Further information on all of ThinkingWall products can be found here along with a guide to popular configurations as a 12 metre empty wall is not always available!

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