Bespoke Printed Whiteboards

custom printed magnetic leaderboard

bespoke whiteboardsWe have been busy over the last few weeks producing a wide variety of bespoke whiteboards and custom printed boards. These have ranged in size, shape and purpose from magnetic leaderboards to worlds maps and manufacturing planning charts.

The magnetic leaderboard was produced as a challenge wall for use in a university gym so that users can post times from various equipment as a challenge to others attending the gym. We produced these as freestanding panels that can easily be moved around the site.


bespoke whiteboards

All of our bespoke printed whiteboards are made to order and produced at a size and specification to suit the client requirements. We can produce artwork to a brief or work from print ready files issued to us. This can be a relatively simple table as seen in the example above used to organise and track daily tasks in a stable or more detailed full colour prints.

Making the custom printed whiteboards both drywipe and magnetic receptive provides a dual use. Notes can be written on the board whilst magnetic markers are used to indicate various functions or specific tasks.

custom printed whiteboards

bespoke whiteboards

The custom printed boards are produced with a frameless finish allowing us to continue the design onto the edges further enhancing the clean modern look. We also produce custom printed magnets in various shapes to accompany the boards. In the example above these have been used to show which member of staff is working on a which piece of equipment for each job. The magnets can be easily moved around on a daily basis or as things chance through the course of a working week.

Further details and examples of other bespoke whiteboards can be found here and we are always happy to discuss a project in more depth by phone, email or our online contact forms.

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