Bespoke Writing Board

bespoke writing wall

We were recently asked to create a bespoke writing board to feature in a school design technology department. The wall needed to be multifunctional with both clear and white sections as well as being mounted between two structural pillars.

bespoke writing board

The brief for this project required the bespoke writing board to have a clear middle section to allow for live annotation of images and documents. Pages can be stuck to the back of the clear section while notes can be written on the front with a suitable drywipe marker pen. This clear section also has the dual use of allowing the teacher to easily see from one end of the room to the other without being obstructed by a large whiteboard panel.

A white panel was fitted at the top and bottom and on both sides to act as a background for writing on with standard drywipe markers allowing the board to perform different functions when required.

As the brief called for a frameless board with a floating effect between two internal pillars we looked at a number of methods to achieve this both safely, securely and aesthetically. The end result we felt met these criteria, giving a clean, modern finish with only minimal structural elements on show.

This bespoke writing board is one of many custom made projects we undertake at Logovisual. We enjoy problem solving and taking a brief to develop tailor made solutions to suit a clients needs.

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