Black and white whiteboard partition walls

A monochrome colour scheme looks striking in any business setting, and takes full advantage of the contrast with a dry wipe whiteboard surface. Our mobile whiteboard units are popular to divide space and create collboration zones, and you can customise them with contrast colours. We’ve produced black and white partition walls for a few clients, and we always love the finished result.

Black and white mobile dividing wall

We made a striking monochrome whiteboard wall for a client based in Liverpool. This generously sized unit is designed for use in a open plan office where wall space is at a premium. The client chose to keep the writing surface glossy white which allows them to use any colour for writing and is also easy to clean. The black end panels created a strong, simple look to complement the predominantly black and white palette of the office design.

If you don’t need a dividing wall to be mobile, we can colour the ends to create a similar standout visual effect with our non-mobile whiteboard wall.

mobile whiteboard wall

This project is an example of our ThinkingWall Divider mobile whiteboard wall. Its modular construction means we can customise the wall to suit your particular space by adding further modules to create longer walls. The frameless finish means the whiteboard panels fit closely together, so you can use the full face of each side as a single writing surface. The sturdy wheels and recessed handle allow you to move and re-position it as required. You can create smaller working areas or simply use it as a functional, contemporary room divider. We can customise it further by changing the colour of the end panels to match your corporate identity, or by adding custom printing branding.

mobile whiteboard wall

The faces on each side mobile whiteboard wall are both magnetic receptive and drywipe which means you can hold meetings and planning sessions on both side simultaneously. The wall is fitted with internal ballast so that it remains stable in use and the lockable castors allows you to secure it in the chosen location.

Black and white mobile acoustic whiteboard wall

We customised an acoustic whiteboard wall with black elements to create a classic monochrome look. The client chose a white writing surface that they can use with any whiteboard pens, which contrasts with the glossy black to the base and matte black acoustic panels. The finished unit perfectly complements the reburbished interior and fantastic mosaic floor of this heritage building.


This project features our ThinkingWall Mobile Acoustic Freestander. Another in our range of mobile whiteboard walls, the Acoustic Freestander provides both visual privacy and noise baffling elements. The client here chose our standard part acoustic panel and part whiteboard for each side. However, you can specify full acoustic panel to one or both sides, combined with part or full whiteboard panel. All units are made to order, so we can craft them to suit your preference.

The acoustic material is available in a wide range of colours, and we can finish the base in white or a colour to match the acoustic. The edges are an exposed ply effect, but can also be customised.

As part of the building renovation, contractors found the fabric of the walls contained asbestos. This meant the occupier could not drill into the wall. In this situation a mobile whiteboard unit provides the perfect solution with generous writing space without the need for wall mounting. The four sturdy castors make the unit easy to reposition, and lock firmly in place. This gives a stable writing wall with none of the wobble or flex of cheaper alternatives.

Other monochrome projects

Other projects completed with black and white include this branded whiteboard divider and and old-school blackboard writing wall.

If you’d like to discuss this and other projects further, fill in your details below and we’ll be happy to provide more information.

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