Branded ThinkingWall Freestander Whiteboards

Branded mobile whiteboard

Our ThinkingWall Freestander continues to be one of our most popular products and have recently been used as branded moveable whiteboard by a number of clients.

The Freestander is a double sided, drywipe and magnetic receptive mobile whiteboard. The frameless whiteboard panel offers a high quality writing space whilst the clean simple base can provide a good opportunity for branding or personalisation.

In these examples of branded mobile whiteboards we applied custom printed logos and designs to the bases of the ThinkingWall Freestanders. The branding helped identify the whiteboards as part of the buildings facilities and acted as wayfinding in such a large open plan space. Using a vinyl allows full colour logos or more complex designs to be applied to one of both sides for maximum effect and impact.

Branded mobile whiteboard

Coloured Whiteboard Bases

An alternative method of branding would be to use coloured bases on the ThinkingWall Freestander whiteboards as we did recently for a client. The colours were chosen to match the interior design of an office refurbishment and the same as those featured on the walls helping tie everything together as one scheme of decoration. Working from Pantone and RAL colour references we were able to finish the bases in the correct colour match.

Branded mobile whiteboard

Coloured Whiteboard End Panels

A similar concept to the coloured bases is to use a corporate brand colour as an accent to finish our ThinkingWall Divider. The end panels can be customised or coloured to match the environment or clients branding. We recently completed a project to produce a set of dividers using several colours from their corporate scheme, which they used to differentiate teams within their offices.

mobile whiteboard divider

As the vast majority of our products are made to order it allows us to tailor things to suit a particular project or client to provide a more bespoke solution. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss projects or ideas and can offer advice and guidance if required.


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