Custom Clipboards

Custom printed magnetic clipboard

Custom clipboards can be made to attach magnetically to whiteboards if required. Alternatively the paper holder mechanism can be incorporated into a whiteboard itself. We tailor these solutions to your requirements to add versatility to your visual planning space.

leaver-arch-dry-wipe-clipboard msp_sample3

MSP, a manufacturing company, required dry wipe clipboards that were custom branded whilst being capable of magnetically attaching to machinery panels. They had to hold multiple pages, and also worked as a dry wipe sign off list for recording and updating the date the machinery was last checked. As well as all of this, the whole product had to be robust enough for use on the factory shop floor.

Given all its requirements, it’s understandable that MSP were struggling to find a solution. “It’s something we just cannot seem to source at the moment and we’ve found out that it would help the machine operators so much.”

A number of prototype custom clipboards were made, and after working closely with the client and implementing their feedback into the design, we produced the solution that achieved all their requirements.

The solution comprised a frameless custom printed drywipe panel with integral lever arch mechanism to hold all relevant paperwork, along with either a magnetic receptive back, or self-adhesive strips to the reverse for mounting to other surfaces.

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