Custom Magnetic Leaderboards

custom magnetic leaderboards

Alongside our standard range we also produce custom magnetic leaderboards. All of our leaderboards are made to order so the customisation can be as simple as matching the colour of the base to the artwork design or to produce them in bespoke shapes.

Please visit Leaderboards for more examples

custom magnetic leaderboards

Our most recent custom magnetic leaderboards included a freestanding cricket bat shape for use at an event. The base unit was modified so that the cricket bat shape could be mounted handle down making the bat face the usable area. The magnetic receptive face allows drywipe name strips to be easily applied and move as scores are updated.

custom magnetic leaderboards

All of our custom magnetic leaderboards are made to order and supplied with blank drywipe magnetic name strips ready for use. The triangular base units allow for easy assembly and create a stable footprint. For further details and examples of previously produced magnetic leaderboards please click here.

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