Custom Magnetic Map Board

custom magnetic map board

We recently produced a custom magnetic map board for London Borough of Hounslow. The map was designed for use in highlighting current projects and work in progress. It was centered on that particular borough and shows street level detail to accurately plot locations.

Also added to the map were the local authority and postcode boundaries which enables users to quickly see which streets belong in a particular postcode or borough.

custom magnetic map board

The custom magnetic map board is both drywipe and magnetic receptive so notes can be written directly onto the surface or onto magnetic tiles which can be placed in important areas. This allows users to easily plan routes drawing paths onto the board or add details and information about where and when particular projects are taking place.

custom magnetic map board custom-magnetic-map-board3-224x298

As with all of our custom printed whiteboards the magnetic map board was made to order with a design specified by the client. We have a range of maps available at various sizes and scales so the most suitable can be picked for a particular project or purpose. These range from street view levels of detail (as seen in this map) to county views and UK wide mapping. We can also include additional layers like postcode, CCG and local authority boundaries.

For further details please contact us and we would be happy to discuss projects in more depth.

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