Custom Printed Magnetic Notice Board

custom printed notice board

We recently completed a custom printed magnetic notice board for Gloucester City Homes for use in their offices. The aim was to create non-traditional notice board in keeping with the corporate identity and brand image that can store all the important information in one place.

We created the magnetic notice board using the same process as our custom printed whiteboards. GCH supplied artwork which features a printed display showing the mission statements and core values of the business. The design also included a variety of spaces to store and organise information.

The frameless finish and concealed fixings give the magnetic notice board a clean modern look. At the same time the magnetic receptive layer and a clear protective surface give the notice board its functionality.

Where a traditional cork notice board uses pins to hold documents and information up this board holds them magnetically. We used magnetic document holders in this case, but you could also choose strong pin magnets. This means you don’t damage the print and the keeps the notice board in use for much longer.

We produce a wide range of custom printed boards for a variety of different uses for further examples please follow the link here.

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