Custom Printed Magnetic Staff Board and Office Planner

Office Planner

We have recently manufactured a custom printed magnetic staff board and series of office planners for different clients. Each one was produced to a brief set by the client so that they could be made to fit their particular needs.

Office Planner

The first office planner was designed to show the working week with a set of magnets with different titles to illustrate staff movements. The magnets are easy to place and re-position making it simple to see at a glance where members of staff are on a particular day.

Staff Boards

This magnetic staff board was designed as a motivational game based on the Snakes & Ladders board game. As members of staff complete chosen tasks they move counters across the board with prizes and forfeits on the way.

Staff Boards

This version of a magnetic staff board was used to show who is part the different teams and department. The photos were all produced as magnets so that each could be placed where is most suitable. The central set of photos show the directors and management team while the colour coded boxes (also magnets) contain the members of staff for each of those departments.

All of our whiteboards are made to order and so can feature a specific design or layout most suited to a particular use. The frameless finish gives a clean modern look and the magnetic receptive and drywipe surface allows for notes to be written alongside items held magnetically.

For further details or to discuss a potential new project contact or request a quote through the following link.


Phil Mercer is Product Lead at Logovisual.

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