Custom Printed Scoreboard

custom printed scoreboard

We are often asked to produce bespoke printed whiteboards for clients, this custom printed scoreboard is an example of one of those projects. The board was designed as a leaderboard to track scores in an house competition within the engineers department.

The design for custom printed scoreboard was based around the Brands Hatch race circuit and features a section for scores with magnetic name strips to keep track of each persons position in the competition. To accompany the board each person has a toy motorbike fitted with a magnet so it can be placed on the track as an indicator. It’s position relates to how that person is doing so the whole team can easily see who is in the lead.

Custom printed scoreboard 2

This style of wall mounted scoreboard offers a great alternative to a freestanding leaderboard. In this case it allows the design to be much larger and combine different magnetic indicators to create more of a permanent feature in the workplace.

Print ready artwork for the custom printed scoreboard was created from a client brief. We offer a full service from creation of the artwork, through to print, manufacture and installation of the finished board. Alternatively we can print from supplied artwork or supply delivery only for a client to install themselves.

Our bespoke whiteboards are all made to order so we can almost any size, shape or design required. The frameless panels give a clean, modern look and allows the design to continue round onto the edges. For larger installations multiple panels can be mounted side by side with the design continuing from one to the other. They don’t have to be restricted to an office environment either. You could incorporate panels into a trade stand or retail display.

More details and further examples of our custom printed whiteboards can be found here.

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