Custom Printed Staff Board

staff boards

We recently produced a large custom printed staff board to be used to display the different departments within our clients business and which members of staff belong to each.

As designers and manufacturers of custom printed whiteboards and visual planning systems, we are often asked to personalise what could otherwise be a standard off the shelf product. We produced this staff board for Alitex Ltd working from their brief and mock up sketches to create the finished board.

Alitex design and manufacture bespoke Victorian greenhouses so wanted something that reflects the horticultural nature of the business. The resulting design featured a grape vine branching out across the board onto which grapes and vine leaves could be placed in clusters to denote each department.

The vine leaves and grapes were produced as magnets so that they can easily be moved and clustered around the staff board. The vine leaves are printed with the name of the department and a short description of what they do. The grapes show a photo of the staff member, their name and job title. This makes the staff board easy to update, new members of staff can be added or moved between departments as the company grows and expands.

custom printed staff board

The custom printed staff board was well received and up on display shortly after being delivered. We always enjoy working on something slightly different so produce a wide range of custom printed whiteboards where like this project we work from clients brief to manufacture something specifically for them.

For further information about our custom printed products contact us via the online forms or over the phone and we would be happy to discuss a project or product in more detail.

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