Custom Shapes & Sizes – Tree Shaped Whiteboard

Freestanding Tree Shaped Whiteboard

We regularly produce custom shaped whiteboards, speech bubbles being one of the more popular styles. However on this occasion we were asked to make a freestanding tree shaped whiteboard for the Environment Agency.

The requirement was for a freestanding whiteboard in the shape of a tree to reflect their logo. The tree needed to be able to come apart for transporting from one event to another.

With this in mind we manufactured a large circular base to provide a stable footprint. Onto which a tree trunk style upright was fitted to support the main tree branch section. The tree top panels are magnetic receptive allowing the custom shaped leaf magnets to be held in place.

The whole structure comes apart in a flat pack style so can be easily dismantled when required and re-built somewhere else.

Tree shaped whiteboard

The leaf magnets that accompany freestanding tree shaped whiteboard were produced in different shades of green to add to the simplified leafy tree top style. They feature a drywipe finish so that notes and comments can be written on them and then applied to the tree as part of the display.

The tree as with the majority of our products was made to order. We always welcome the opportunity to create something different or specifically for a customer. If you have a particular requirement or want to discuss a project in more detail please do contact us.

Drywipe pledge tree


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