Customised Calendar Whiteboard


We have provided a wide range of customised calender boards for our clients in the past. The customisation aspect means that all the variables can be specifically designed to convey the meaning needed for a specific client, whilst at the same time it can incorporate brand colours and logos which add a bit more identity and vibrancy in the workspace.

lubrizol-1 our-mth-planner

Here at our own office we very much practice what we preach. Our wall mounted, customised calendar whiteboard is the heart of organisation in our office. We use the large magnetic dry wipe board to organise projects and appointments across a four monthly period.

We worked carefully when arriving at a design for our customised calendar whiteboard to make sure the frameless whiteboard could be used year on year. The design is for a four monthly rotating calendar and was then custom printed to the dry wipe board leaving space to write in days across a certain month. The frameless whiteboard planner works on the basis of wiping a month once completed and writing the next month in sequence.

The whiteboard yearly planner can be viewed at a glance from across the office. It enables us to use a colour coded drywipe magnetics system which represents events such as project deadlines, installations and staff availability. Since we’ve had the custom calendar whiteboard, efficiency and organisation across the whole business has increased significantly, and we continue to adapt and develop the language we use to denote meaning at a glance through the use of additional coloured tiles for new types of information, with the details simply written on  with drywipe pens.

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