Dividing up work spaces with whiteboard office screens

whiteboard office screen

With people starting to return to work around the country we are seeing an increase in requests for products which help in dividing up work spaces. Our mobile whiteboard units are ideal to act as whiteboard office screens. They can create a physical barrier between desks and working areas whilst providing a useful writing surface. They not only help to meet the current requirement for office social distancing, but are a great neutral backdrop for video calls and a focal point to gather ideas from participants both in the office and working remotely.

They are also a great investment for any business that wants to improve small team collaboration. With a permanent shift towards working from home for many, it looks as though fewer people in the office at any one time will become the norm. People will need smaller spaces both to chat with colleagues and for private working. Dividing up a larger open plan work space with moveable screens is a flexible way to approach changing requirements for office space.

Our ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander, Divider and Stor have all been used as whiteboard office screens in a number of recent projects.

Moveable acoustic office screen

whiteboard office screens

breaking up office spaces

The ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander offers a double sided drywipe and magnetic whiteboard surface with built in acoustic panels to help with sound deadening. They are easy to manoeuvre and available to in two width options so ideal for offices of all sizes.

Here our client has used the Acoustic Freestander alongside another acoustic solution to create a screen that fits the look of their office environment. We can offer the Acoustic Freestander in different fabric and dry wipe board colour options to fit your brand and decor.

Moveable partition wall

dividing office space

The ThinkingWall Divider provides a large double sided magnetic receptive and drywipe writing area. It acts as a whiteboard office screen, a partition or mobile wall and is perfect for breaking spaces and dividing rooms into smaller zones which are easy to reconfigure as the need arises. Although there is a standard design we often customise these at client request. The examples here feature additional storage boxes in the ends to hold pens, cleaner and other accessories.

Other customisations have included TV screens mounted to one side, cupboards and shelves built into the ends and custom printing with branding and logos.

Moveable office divider with storage

whiteboard office screen

The ThinkingWall Stor integrates storage into the double sided mobile whiteboard. The unit is on lockable castors so is easy to move about to suit different teams in different sessions as required. The full height writing surface on both sides makes it the perfect divider between teams, as each group has plenty of space for ideas, notes and sketches. The built in shelves or cupboards are perfect for files, books and other office equipment.


To find out more about any of these whiteboard office screens or to discuss how we can help you organise your office space, fill in your details below.


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