Drywipe Numeracy Boards

drywipe numeracy boards

We recently produced a set of drywipe numeracy boards for Marner Primary School in East London. The boards are designed to encourage the children to take part in numeracy problems and maths challenges without being restricted to working in a traditional exercise book.

Produced from a lightweight and hard wearing material the numeracy boards featured a custom printed grid design and drywipe laminate to both sides so that none of the available space was wasted. They were individually cut to a portable easy to use size and finished with rounded corners to remove any sharp edges. The drywipe finish means the numeracy boards can be used over and over again by simply wiping off any previous writing with a soft cloth.

The grid designed by one of the schools teachers features the numbers one to twelve in a range of different random combinations with blank boxes for the pupils to fill in was trialed at the school with a set of handmade prototypes. Once the concept was proven they decided a more permanent version was required and contacted us. We suggested using a 3mm PVC material which is lightweight but thick enough to give the boards stability and allow them to stand up to use in the classroom. To achieve an element of random numbering over the large quantity of boards we discussed splitting the total into around six groups of different combinations so that we can retain the price efficiencies of manufacturing large numbers without having to make everything the same.

The hand held numeracy boards are currently in use and have received positive feedback. We are now in the process of producing some larger version which will be fitted to walls around the school to encourage numeracy exercises out of classroom teaching time.

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