Firefighter Shift Planning Whiteboard

custom printed whiteboard

We recently received a requirement from Cardiff City Airport Fire & Rescue for a Firefighter Shift Planning Whiteboard. The bespoke board needed allow space to detail shift patterns, officers on duty & officer names along with other details that may change on a day to day basis. The shift planning whiteboard allows the team to quickly see all the relevant detail at a glance and can be easliy updated as and when required.

After speaking with Ben at their Cardiff Airport hanger we were confident that we could supply them with exactly what they needed.

custom printed whiteboard


We produced a sample custom printed whiteboard so the team could visualise better what their board would look like & once approved the artwork was ready in no time & on its way to production.

In addition they also had a requirement for Firefighter magnets which we also happily produced.

Our drywipe whiteboards are easy to use and maintain, requiring very little additional equipment and their customisation potential make them easy to align with your business and organisational objectives.

Their flexibility makes them useful in a wide range of industries:

  • Improve communication within your workplace – drywipe / whiteboards can be used for monitoring, scheduling, group calendars, shared projects and much more.
  • Better communicate with your clients with menu boards .
  • Drywipe / whiteboards lend themselves to any learning environment or business meetings

2 thoughts on “Firefighter Shift Planning Whiteboard

  1. Hello,

    Just enquiring on what sort of price these whiteboards are priced at, I myself am a firefighter and would be interested in something similar

    Many Thanks,

    1. Hi Cal, thanks for your comment. We will send over a quote to you directly, thanks.

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