Freestander: Custom coloured mobile whiteboard

Although the standard colour of the ThinkingWall Freestander is white we are often asked to alter them to make a custom coloured mobile whiteboard. As the majority of our products are made to order this isn’t an issue and we can can create customised or bespoke versions.

Black and white Freestander whiteboard


For a recent project the client wanted our Freestander whiteboards with black bases to complement their refurbishment scheme. We also upgraded our standard design to add a radius finish to the bottom edge.

Silver whiteboard

This example featured a set of Freestander whiteboards with metallic silver bases which gives a contrast against the white of the writing surface. Colours can be matched to a specific RAL reference or custom vinyls applied for extra personalisation.

Full colour mobile whiteboards

Alternatively we can produce custom coloured mobile whiteboards with the writing surface in different colours as seen here. Lighter colours work best to keep any writing legible and easy to read. The base can be made in a matching colour although we like the contrast between the two.

Custom coloured mobile whiteboard

The ThinkingWall Freestander is one of our most popular products. It offers a double sided magnetic receptive writing surface on a wheeled base of easy maneuverability. They are ideal for flexible meeting spaces or small offices as they can be easily moved around to reconfigure the space. The triangular base with locking wheels provides a stable footprint and minimises trip hazards.

Further details on the ThinkingWall Freestander can be found here.

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Post originally published 14/01/20

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