Freestanding Custom Printed Leaderboard

We continue to produce our freestanding custom printed leaderboards in a wide variety of designs and styles. Typically they are supplied with drywipe magnetic strips for writing names and scores however they can be made with custom magnets as this recent example shows.

This was designed with a Grand National and completed with custom magnets featuring different jockey’s silks. The main background of the leaderboard shows a race course with hedges and fences so that the magnets can be moved up as the competition progresses. Each magnet is printed with a different silk design and finished with a drywipe surface so that names can be written in the space underneath.

custom printed leaderboard

We either print from supplied artwork or can create a design to a brief or mock up. The base units are manufactured in white but can be further customised by finishing them in a colour or applying a printed design.

Our leaderboards are a standard size and come complete with freestanding base unit, drywipe magnetic name strips with a set of pens and cleaning kits. They are shipped in parts ready for assembly on site.

We often supply these for events but they work well for inter-office competitions, promotions and marketing events.

Further examples and information on our custom printed leaderboards can be found here.



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