Freestanding Magnetic Leaderboard

Magnetic Leaderboard

As part of our custom print and bespoke manufacture services we often receive enquiries to create a wide range of different products. As seen in this project these products include a Top Gear style freestanding magnetic leaderboard.

The magnetic leaderboard was designed for use at a recent industry event as part of our clients stand at the show. The leaderboard was branded with the company logo and corporate colours with space left to allow the magnetic strips to be placed when someone had completed the challenge.

We manufactured the freestanding magnetic leaderboard from a lightweight but sturdy material so that it was easy to transport. The triangular base allows the leaderboard to be quickly and easily set up once it arrives at its destination.

As part of this project we also produced a set of drywipe magnetic strips so that competitors names and their scores can be written on before being placed on the leaderboard. They can easily be lifted off or moved into new positions as more people take part and more scores are added.

freestanding magnetic leaderboard

As with all of our products and projects this freestanding magnetic leaderboard was made to order so could therefore be produced at a size best suited to the space and in a design chosen by the client. We can produce leaderboards from supplied artwork or create this to customer specification. For further details please contact us, we always welcome the opportunity to discuss potential projects with the aim to find the best possible solutions.

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