Freestanding Whiteboard Partition

freestanding whiteboard partition

We recently undertook the manufacture and installation for a series of freestanding whiteboard partition walls. We have previously produced mobile versions however these are larger, more permanent units. The whiteboard wall separates areas in a large open plan office to help create the feeling of an enclosed meeting space.

freestanding whiteboard partition

Each freestanding whiteboard partition wall is 3.6 metres wide and 2 metres tall. They feature a drywipe and magnetic receptive surface to both the front and back with colour coordinated end panels. The units have a footprint wide enough to create a stable footprint without looking overly thick. Internal ballast is added to further stabilise the whiteboard walls to give a solid writing surface.

freestanding whiteboard partition

The freestanding whiteboard partition allows work areas to be easily created when wall space is in short supply. The large work area on both sides of the whiteboard wall provides space to break away from a desk and collaborate with colleagues. Thoughts and ideas can be to be quickly and easily jotted down with plenty of room to work these through into a carefully planned solution.

Built in modules the freestanding whiteboard partition can be adapted to suit various rooms or spaces. They are joined on site to create the finished wall at the desired width. We can also produce curved walls to fit corners or create a more enclosed area.

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