Freestanding Whiteboard Walls

freestanding whiteboard wall

As a bespoke manufacturer of visual planning solutions, we are often asked to produce products to meet a particular need or design brief. These freestanding whiteboard walls are a recent example of that process.

freestanding whiteboard wall

In open plan offices empty wall space often comes at a premium and turning this into a functional space can be even more difficult. We were approached to create something to solve this particular problem with the resulting solution being a freestanding whiteboard wall.

This cross between a partition wall and a whiteboard allows spaces to be split and divided as required to create new work areas. This could be anything from creating a quiet corner for one to one meetings to setting a up a larger work area for group sessions.

freestanding whiteboard wall freestanding whiteboard wall






In this particular project, the freestanding whiteboard wall was used to create four separate spaces within a large open plan office, each themed around different coloured group seating. The freestanding whiteboard wall is produced in sections, straights and curves, allowing the wall to be made as long or as short as needed. The curve sections help the freestanding wall span corners whilst also creating a semi enclosed space to help session/meeting attendees concentrate on the task at hand.

The purpose built internal framework makes each section of freestanding whiteboard wall very stable, adding a curved corner section further increases its stability. Each section is faced with a magnetic receptive and drywipe panel which then assembled in the required configuration to create one large magnetic writing surface. The backs can be finished with the same magnetic receptive drywipe panels to increase their functionality or alternatively, a coloured custom printed panel.

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