Funky Shaped Magnetic Whiteboards

As well as the ThinkingWall, we have also produced bespoke made, funky shaped magnetic whiteboards that can be designed with a particular wall or area in mind. Not all walls are straight and flush, and we relish the opportunity and challenge of creating a solution for our customers regardless of their situation.

thinkingwall-shaped thinkingwall-border

When Harley Davidson required a way to visually plan potential projects, our ThinkingWall was already their desired solution. The problem this project posed was the funky shaped wall they intended to mount it to, something we had not yet encountered. In order to keep in line with the company’s branding, they also requested a coloured border running around the edge of the ThinkingWall, again something we had never previously produced.

Our “can do” approach to problem solving meant that after a cup of coffee, a digestive and a brainstorming session, the team had realised the solution. With a little tweaking of our design, we produced a funky shaped magnetic whiteboard with a red border surround, and one panel tailor made to run perfectly parallel with the angled wall.

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Phil Mercer is Product Lead at Logovisual.

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